Sync your Guesty account with our growing list of external partners. From OTAs to third-party management tools, solve every last need of your business with these seamless integrations that help you to manage even better.

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Booking Channel


An online peer-to-peer marketplace with over 5 million unique accommodations & experiences available in 191 countries.

Booking Channel

A travel fare aggregator offering more than 5 million places to stay in over 228 countries & territories worldwide.

Booking Channel


Asia’s leading accomodation portal with a network of nearly 2 million accommodations, available in 38 different languages.

Booking Channel

Trip Advisor

An online booking platform with over 455 million monthly users, with listings translated in 28 different languages and distributed across their 6 different rental brands.



A vacation rental booking channel that serves 75 million travelers per month across 190 countries.

Booking Channel

Mister B&B

A peer-to-peer vacation rental platform dedicated to the gay community, offering more than 210,000 accommodations across 135 countries.

Channel Managers

Rentals United

A cloud-based channel management solution to distribute listings across more than 60 booking channels worldwide.

Revenue Management


Wheelhouse is an intelligent pricing platform using data-driven software and machine learning to help you earn more revenue.

Revenue Management

Perfect Price

Perfect Price a leading AI dynamic pricing software that automatically adjusts your pricing to maximize occupancy and revenue.

Revenue Management


Pricelabs is a dynamic pricing tool using predictive analytics and machine learning to maximize profits.

Revenue Management, Professional Services


Buoy is a revenue management and reporting tool for vacation rentals and boutique hotels.

Payment Processing


A payment processing platform built for growth that provides the tools needed to manage revenues, fight fraud and analyze data.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


Intelligent control of smart devices. Boost efficiency and guest experience with keyless entry, protect your properties with noise & occupancy monitoring, and reduce energy costs.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


Rabbu offers automated guest entry, energy savings, and wifi management.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


PointCentral is a provider of enterprise-class, smart home property automation solutions in the vacation rental market.



Register guests seamlessly. CheKin takes care of all your legal obligations and simplifies data collection. Forget the paperwork and focus on your guests. Offered for FREE for Guesty users in supported regions.

Guest Experience, Guest Management, Upsells


Automate the entire reservation process from coordinating with guests to enhancing their experiences in your rental and, finally, to facilitating smooth and simple check-out.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


Improve guest experience, monitor staff and remotely control your rentals’ locks, garage doors, sensors and thermostats, all from one cloud-based system.

Guest Experience, Upsells


Enhance your guests’ stays with unique tours and local experiences led by English-speaking guides.

Guest Experience, Interior Design


Elevate guest experience with a curated marketplace that connects brands with hospitality spaces.

Home Automation, Guest Experience, Upsells


Provide guests with expedited check-ins and comprehensive property information on easy-to-operate tablets that create new revenue streams & offer valuable data.

Guest Management, Guest Experience, Upsells

Edgar Smart Concierge

Edgar is an innovative digital concierge service that allows you to create the App of your own properties to be made available to guests.

Guest Experience


Provide guests with carefully curated welcome boxes filled with snacks, amenities and personalized property information.

Call Center Solutions, Guest Management, Guest Experience


Aloware is a modern contact center solution for hosts and property managers. All-in-one, turnkey software gives your business the ability to engage with your guests in ways they'll love: via cell phone, text message, and social messengers.

Cleaning Management


Outsource all of your housekeeping duties, including cleaning, laundry, linen and towel rentals, guest reception and post check-out inspections.

Cleaning Management


A mobile operations solution that connects housekeeping, maintenance, and management.



An app that connects Australia-based hosts with qualified service providers who can be hired on demand for reliable repairs.

Cleaning Management, Maintenance


Easily track the status of each of your tasks, rentals and team members. Automate task scheduling, generate detailed task reports and collect important data about your properties.

Keyless Access, Home Automation, Compliance


Technology that enables you to remotely check-in guests directly from a mobile device, reducing costs and providing tailored guest experiences.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


Smart locks for smart hosts. Connect your building and home doors to the internet and streamline your guests check-in process.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


Leading keyless and home automation software that works with any locks and smart devices, allowing you to improve guest experience and streamline operations.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


RemoteLock has been at the forefront of internet-connected devices and cloud access control solutions for rental properties and businesses. RemoteLock provides the ability for property owners to centrally and remotely manage property access from anywhere in the world.

Key Exchange, Keyless Access, Home Automation


Store your keys in secure, brandable SmartBoxes near your properties for your guests' convenience and implement real-time photo ID verification to ensure your keys are landing in the right hands.

Key Exchange


Allow guests to retrieve keys from secure cabinets near your rentals through a user-friendly mobile app, which notifies you whenever keys have been accessed.

Key Exchange


Facilitate simple key exchanges with guests, enable staff to log keys in and out of the office and monitor your keys through GPS tracking.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


Your keys are your smartphone. SCLAK is a secure access control system that includes an electronic device and a smartphone app that allows you to integrate all your electronic locks into a simple and secure system.

Home Automation


A privacy-safe noise monitoring solution that alerts property managers when volumes in their rentals exceed reasonable levels.

Home Automation


Roomonitor Noise Alarm is a 100% safe, 24/7 real-time noise monitoring device that helps you track the noise levels in your rentals.



On-demand, usage-based insurance with policies that include public/commercial liability, the full replacement cost of your home and its contents, plus additional coverage specific to short-term-rentals.

Insurance, Guest Screening


Give yourself and your homeowners peace of mind with an insurance plan and guest verification system designed specifically for short-term rentals.



Superhog powered by Guardhog is a Risk Management platform; combining ID verification software with a £1m guarantee


Proper Insurance

Cover your bases with a short-term rental insurance that applies to both commercial and personal use of the property.


Generali Global Assistance

Reduce concerns about guest cancellations, offer an easy alternative to security deposits and earn commission from an industry leader with 30 years of experience.

Guest Screening, Guest Management


Protect your business with a screening assistant that scans all your reservations, determines their risk levels and helps you minimize your vulnerability.

Accounting, Professional Services


A solution for all the accounting needs of property managers, including deposit holding, booking charges, add-on fees and cancellations.

Interior Design


Spruce up your properties with an all-in-one interior design solution that offers everything from quick redesigns to professional photos of the final product.

Business Intelligence


Take informed, data-driven steps toward achieving your business goals with insights from one of the leading business and market intelligence providers in the short-term rental space.

Business Intelligence


AirDNA tracks the performance of listings on Airbnb, Homeaway, Vrbo, and more, helping vacation rental managers optimize their pricing and bring in more revenue.

Business Intelligence

Key Data Dashboard

Get secure, precise and visual data on important parameters, such as how competitively your rentals are priced, which guests they are attracting and how they are performing in relation to the market.

Business Intelligence


Collect actionable business intelligence, sent straight to your phone on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Let the platform take the reigns, acting on your business data to optimize your revenue.

Key Exchange


A global luggage storage solution for guests looking to stash their bags somewhere while they explore the city pre check-in and post checkout. Simply give guests a unique URL and they can choose the location most convenient for them. Luggage storage is offered in over 200 cities around the world.

Guest Experience, Upsells


Clean, safe and secure baby equipment, delivered right to your rentals for the convenience of guests traveling with kids.


LSI Tools

LSI Tools provides an easy to use work order management tool that allows you to Create, Edit and Manage work orders and Vendors.

Accounting, Professional Services

Ximplifi Accounting

Ximplifi takes care of the daily grind of accounting tasks. From paying bills, applying booking payments, reconciling accounts to trust accounting & owner statements, they do it all.

Guest Experience, Upsells


Skip the stress. Ship your luggage. Finally, luggage shipping for the price of checking a bag.

Guest Experience, Upsells


Give your guests a secure place to store their belongings pre check-in and post check-out so they can explore the city without the baggage.

Guest Experience, Upsells


Upgrade your guest experience by offering secure, on-demand luggage storage for a low hourly rate. Receive commissions on bookings made via LuggageHero.

Guest Experience, Upsells


Compare thousands of airport shuttle and transfer companies worldwide and book the best deal between your destination and over 1,500 airports.

Home Automation, Guest Management


A branded WiFi service that collects guests’ names and emails and automates the marketing process to get you repeat direct bookings.

Home Automation, Guest Management


A global WiFi, Internet and TV provider that will manage your services and collect data on your customers to help you drive direct bookings.



Increase revenue, improve occupancy and reduce bills by going green. The process is free and instant.

Professional Services

Moss & Moss

Lawyers for all your property management needs. Prepare your business for potential legal disputes with an expert legal team with over 20 years of experience.

Guest Management, Guest Experience, Upsells, General Operations


Get real-time updates about your guests' flights so you can be sure to have everything ready upon their arrival.

Keyless Access, Home Automation


Aurmur’s Smart Lock Service and Physical Checkout Button deliver smooth guest arrivals and turnovers.

Home Automation


Minut is a privacy-safe noise monitoring device that also detects motion, recognizes other alarms and tracks temperature, is truly wireless and works anywhere in the world.

Cleaning Management, Maintenance


TurnoverBnB provides automated cleaner scheduling and a local cleaner marketplace to find your next cleaning professional.

Payment Processing, Guest Management


The solution for your security deposits. Securing deposit management, payments and guest disputes handling all in one.

Compliance, Invoicing


SIGA is an integrated management tool for Portuguese property owners. You can manage your reservations, send guest data to SEF and handle your invoicing.

General Operations


Move info between your web apps and Guesty automatically. Over 2000 apps available on Zapier's marketplace.

Guest Experience, Upsells


Get your own customized travel guide to share your local travel tips, favorite neighborhood restaurants, popular tours and activities nearby and places of interest.



Specialist insurance for all types of short letting in the United Kingdom.

Cleaning Management


Housekeeping quality assurance platform and system of record that makes it easy to implement standards and protocols for short-term rentals.


Maximize your revenue through full-funnel digital marketing strategies, taking full advantage of your custom-made booking website, powered by Guesty booking engine.

Cleaning Management


Digitally automate & expedite all your property operations with a click.

Cleaning Management, Task Management, Staff Management


Never miss another task and save hours in scheduling and payroll.

Know your guests with confidence through a simple, real time ID Check.

Caisson ID Check

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