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One-Stop-Shop for Property Automation:Contactless Check-in, Upsell etc

One-Stop-Shop for Property Automation: Pre-Programmed Hardware, Installation, and Management Dashboard for Smart Devices like Locks, Intercom, Noise, and Thermostats. Guest Portal with your brand and ability to Upsell Services. “”Real-time notifications from guests and staff for Workflow Automation””.

Open doors, activate intercom, summon elevators, set temperature, crash a party with noise alerts, and offer contactless self-check-in with digital keys—across 300 smart device brands all in one dashboard syncing with your PMS. All Room Automation controls and upsells are available in the guest web app with your company’s brand.

The benefits of using Lynx Automation with Guesty

  • Guest Service Monetization: Monetize your guest services and earn more
  • Save 30% in Operations: Notifications for Cleaners, Inspectors, and other Staff
  • Keyless Contactless Check-in/out with Offline Mode

Integration Features

  • Digital Keys and Access Codes – Lynx sends Guesty guest access codes as well as real-time alerts to change the status of the stay to Check-in/ Out