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Open API

Your vision, our open API for property management

Take advantage of Guesty's functionalities directly from your environment. Seamlessly integrate your favorite tools, paving the way for endless customization and automation opportunities.

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Unlock infinite possibilities

See the big picture

Mix and match tools and services to gather a diverse spectrum of data for an all-encompassing perspective of your business

Power up your workflows

Shatter data silos with real-time data access and empower your team with actionable insights within their favorite apps

Scale without limits

Innovate unique solutions that fit perfectly with Guesty products, keeping you ahead of the competition as you expand your portfolio

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Leverage the power of Open API

Calendar sync

Manage your diverse listings across any channel: update rates, availability, and occupancy seamlessly for smooth operations

Simplified accounting

Export vendor details to your CRM, sync financial records, manage listings for precise income-expense allocation, and handle tax calculations with ease

Streamlined listings and reservations

Update property details across all platforms from one place. Create custom booking flows and export essential data for audits and internal reports.

Contacts and reviews management

Sync guest lists with CRM software for targeted campaigns. Track property performance through aggregated reviews and scores.

Task management

Create, adjust, and sync listing tasks with external applications for heightened efficiency and data-driven optimization

External tool integration

Integrate a wide range of tools into your dashboard, from home automation and dynamic pricing systems to smart locks

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is an open API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface. An Open API allows access to the application’s backend data, fostering seamless interaction between the application and other software platforms.

Check out our Guesty Open API developer portal

Why is it important for your property management software to have an open API?

Every property management company is unique, and while Guesty strives to meet the needs of all our users, we understand some businesses may prefer to build or use their own tools to handle specific aspects of their business. It is important to us to accommodate your particular operating mode and allow you to connect your Guesty dashboard with your chosen external tools.

Check out our Guesty Open API developer portal

What kinds of tools can be integrated with the Guesty dashboard?

Our Marketplace features a wide range of 150+ (and growing) external property management solutions to make our users’ business operations smoother and more lucrative. Among our Marketplace vendors are major booking channels, yield management systems, payment processors, home automation platforms, guest experience enhancers, housekeeping and maintenance solutions, keyless entry systems, noise monitors, insurance providers, accounting technologies, data, analytics solutions, luggage storage options, legal services and more.

Have something else in mind? Solutions of all kinds can be integrated with your property management dashboard thanks to our open API feature.

Check out our Guesty Open API developer portal

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