Guesty Open API

Guesty’s open API allows you to enjoy all of Guesty’s functionalities from your own platform.

Build your own solutions

Need a custom solution for your company’s specific mode of operating? No problem. You can complement Guesty’s services with tools you’ve built from scratch.

Guesty api integration

Guesty api for websites

Connect your website

Sync your existing website with your dashboard so all reservations can be added to your calendar and managed from Guesty.

Download data

Through your secret internal API key, you can download information from your dashboard to use however you see fit.

Integrate external tools

Be it home automation tools, dynamic pricing or smart locks, you can easily integrate other tools into your dashboard, whether or not they are part of our Integrations Marketplace.

FAQs about our Open API

What exactly is an open API?

An API is an application programming interface. An open API gives users access to the application and backend data and enables communication and interaction between the application in question and other software platforms. 

Why is it important for your property management software to have an open API?

Every property management company is different, and though Guesty strives to meet the needs of all our unique users, we understand that some businesses prefer to build or use their own tools to handle specific aspects of their business. It is important to us to be able to accommodate your specific mode of operating and allow you to connect your Guesty dashboard with the external tools of your choosing. 

What kinds of tools can be integrated with the Guesty dashboard?

Our Marketplace features a wide range of external property management solutions to make our users’ business operations smoother and more lucrative. Among our Marketplace vendors are major booking channels, yield management systems, payment processors, home automation platforms, guest experience enhancers, housekeeping and maintenance solutions, keyless entry systems, noise monitors, insurance providers, accounting technologies, data and analytics solutions, luggage storage options, legal servicers and more!

Have something else in mind? Solutions of all kinds can be integrated with your property management dashboard thanks to our open API feature. 

Guesty is amazing. They have an open API so we can connect to all types of services.
Fabio Cardoso COO, VHC Hospitality
Lots of features, very easy to use software, initial support to configure is very helpful, API, easy channel manager booking engine.
Alexander M. Capterra

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