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Guesty’s direct reservations: More control over your business

Do you want to maximize profit margins, have the flexibility to offer guests personalized quotes, and generally run more independently?  

Guesty’s Direct Reservations solution, including a user-friendly website builder, manual reservation tools, and revenue management capabilities, allows you to do exactly that. 

New and improved direct booking website builder 

One of the main motivations for having a direct booking website is that it allows guests to book their accommodation directly from you, thus improving profit margins.

Your website should be attractive, well-designed, well-written, and user-friendly. Many actually argue that the guest experience begins when a traveler first visits your website – and has a positive online user experience. So make sure every guest’s first interaction is as meaningful as possible. 

Guesty’s Website Builder is the most advanced website builder made exclusively for short-term property rental companies and hosts. It was built with property managers in mind. It’s incredibly easy to use with drag-and-drop editing and zero coding needed. It is also completely flexible and fully customizable, in addition to giving you the option to make use of Guesty’s built-in booking engine, and a seamless payment processing solution.

Read more about our new and improved Guesty Websites.

Manage reservations your way

Of course, a website is not the only way to get direct bookings. You can also get business through manual reservations;  including bookings that come through walk-ins, via email or phone, or are staff-assisted. The advantage of these types of bookings is that you control the entire guest experience, from the quote all the way down to the stay. 

Guesty’s manual reservation tools are the perfect solution to ensure you are optimizing the pre-guest experience and thus maximizing revenues from these types of bookings. For example, you can adapt business rules such as your cancellation policy, or approve extended stays, to accommodate specific guests and secure their stay. You can also send out personalized quotes and promotions to add that personal touch to your business. Both these strategies involve accommodating potential guests, improving their experience with your company, and making them more likely to bring their business to you – not just this once but hopefully also in the future. 

Discover how you can get more reservations directly with Guesty’s Manual Reservations.

Apply different pricing strategies 

Increasing your direct bookings whether online or manual sounds great in theory, but you want to make sure that your pricing strategy is aligned with the market in order to firstly win the business but also make sure you are not undercutting potential revenue by pricing your listings too low. And as you know, the tricky part here is the rate at which pricing changes in this industry throughout the year. Luckily, Guesty’s Direct Reservation offering includes a Revenue Management capability that allows you to easily apply different pricing strategies to adapt to constantly changing expectations from the market. You can choose to either set pricing rules yourself or use dynamic pricing tools. 

Understand how you can maximize revenues with Guesty’s Revenue Management.

To wrap up

The business potential from direct reservations is infinite if you play your cards right. Do not leave this opportunity untapped, and pick the best partner in crime to accompany you – Guesty’s Direct Reservation tools.

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