With bookings coming in from so many different channels, it can be hard keeping track of them all.

One home for all your bookings

No matter how many listings you’ve got or channels you use, all of your reservations will appear in your Guesty calendar.

Maximize revenue

Manually create reservations or adjust prices and minimum night rules for specific dates right from your calendar to increase profitability.

Check availability

Have a walk in-guest or an over-the-phone inquiry? Combine multiple filters to find exactly what you need so you can accommodate them on the spot.

Make quick fixes

Block certain dates from reservations or relocate guests to another accomodation whenever necessary.

The services we have received from Guesty have completely removed any worries of overbookings.
Annie Spackman Valley of Dreams Eco Lodge
I love using this platform to manage our properties. We are able to have centralized communication, ease of seeing our properties, scheduling of payments, and much more. It also continues to evolve over time!
Brian F. Capterra

FAQs about our Multi-Calendar

Can the Multi-Calendar be used for multi-unit properties?

Yes. Guesty has developed calendar management software that is compatible with multi-listing properties. Every location has its own property management calendar, which displays all relevant information regarding each of its units. With Guesty’s Smart Calendar Rules, you can create automated rules for multi-unit calendars, which are built to maximize occupancy by allowing the relocation of upcoming reservations from one unit to another. 

How can you control availability in your calendar?

When configuring your calendar, you can choose to add a number of settings, including a booking window, which states how far in advance guests can make reservations, and advance notice, which defines how much notice is required before a reservation and can prevent last-minute bookings if desired.

In addition to availability settings, Guesty offers calendar management tools that enable users to set and adjust their prices and minimum night rules. 

Will all changes made on the Multi-Calendar be reflected across your channels?

Yes. When a change is made on Guesty’s Multi-Calendar, those adjustments are automatically reflected across all channels that the user has synced with Guesty’s platform. Changes made on the actual channels will not be automatically reflected in the Multi-Calendar, so it is important to make your changes in Guesty.

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