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You’ve got places to go and people to see. And now you can bring your favorite management tools along with you.

Property management
on the go

Manage reservations, see price breakdowns and access your Multi-Calendar from the comfort of your smartphone with our native mobile app. Whether it’s an update on a task or messages from guests, the app’s custom push notifications will make sure you never miss a thing.

Guesty Mobile inbox

guesty mobile chat

Stay connected

Communicate with guests no matter where you are through Guesty’s streamlined and purpose-built Unified Inbox for mobile.

Keep your staff synced

Ditch the constant emailing and give your personnel instant access to assigned tasks. Track the status of each assignment and enable employees to update you with any important information by leaving notes next to assigned tasks.

Guesty mobile management app

FAQs about our Mobile Management App

Why is it important to be able to manage on the go?

More and more industries are developing technologies to enable professionals to work remotely. This probably has to do with the rising expectations of consumers, who have grown accustomed to immediate service and resolutions. 

As a property manager with multiple guests to cater to at once, you and your business will greatly benefit from having a short-term property management software that can fit in the palm of your hand, one you can take with you as you check in on your various properties so that you never miss a beat when it comes to tending to your guests’ needs

What are the advantages of a native app over a mobile web app?

While many software systems have versions that are mobile compatible and can be used on a mobile web browser, native apps are built specifically for mobile devices, which means they are generally faster and a lot more stable. 

It is critical for a property management app to be as efficient and reliable as possible if professionals are going to be using it to run their businesses in real time, so native apps are definitely the way to go. 

Is there a separate app for staff?

No. Guesty offers one app to all uses, but different logins will allow users to view different versions of the app. Your personnel will see the task management aspect of the app, where they can view their assigned tasks and note any important updates, but won’t have any access to other information about your business.

Our housekeepers speak Russian so having the phone application available in 20+ languages has been great!
Lulu Dessailly Trustpilot
The software design is quite intuitive, easy to use and complete. I particularly appreciate the automatic messages that save us a lot of time, the smartphone application that allows teams in the field to do their job well, and the yield management tool to manage my pricing very easily!
Fanny A.
The unified message inbox and app allow us to manage our listings on the go.
Natasha P.

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