Frequently Asked Questions



About Guesty

 What does Guesty do?

Guesty offers a cloud-based software solution that allows property management companies and Airbnb hosts with multiple accounts to efficiently manage all of their business in one platform. You can find all the information on our product page.

Which languages can Guesty use to communicate with guests and third-party services?
Currently, we only offer English support. If you receive inquiries or require third-party communication in a different language, we will do our best to translate all information and answer in English. If you’d prefer, we can arrange to forward all non-English inquiries to you.
Is Guesty available in my country/city?

Guesty software lives in the cloud, which means the only thing you’ll need is an internet connection. As for the receptionists service, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 What is Guesty's relationship with Airbnb?

Guesty has a deep integration with the Airbnb platform. A further fun fact -we’re both funded by YCombinator!

Which booking sites is Guesty integrated with?

We support all major booking platforms, including Airbnb, VRBO,, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and more. 

Who will help me get started?
You can easily sign up or Request a Demo, where our sales team will explain the ins and outs of Guesty's system for you. You’ll need to create an account, which we will integrate with your listings on Airbnb. Our onboarding team will then walk you through the account setup and connect your Guesty platform to all your booking channels. Finally, if you’ll still have questions at that stage, feel free to contact our support team.
I am looking for a referral for a Property Management Company, can you refer me?

If you are looking for a property manager or a full-service management company to handle your listings, then no problem! We work with thousands of property managers worldwide and can connect you with a most suitable one for your business. Contact our referrals department to find out more.

My Guesty account

 Will I still receive Airbnb emails after I change my email address to the one that Guesty provides?
Absolutely – changing your email will not affect account accessibility for you, it will simply allow us to manage your account with the services that you request from us. You will continue to have full access to your Airbnb account and continue to receive all the same emails and notifications from Airbnb that you do now. To learn more about why we change your email, please visit this post.
Will Guesty change or have access to any of my account details (password, credit card, number, etc.)?
No, we will never request your password or any other private information linked to your Airbnb account. As soon as you confirm the email address swap, we will immediately reset your password and send that new one to you. This way, we assure that there is no exchange of personal information.
How do I contact you for support/help?
If you’re using our receptionists service and have an issue regarding specific guests or reservations, you can contact our service team at For all other inquiries such as account level settings or broader scale questions, you can write to
Will Guesty help me submit damages to get coverage under Airbnb’s Host Guarantee?

We are happy to submit the necessary forms and file the resolution claims for you, but we would request that you first pass along all relevant information and photographs to us. For your reference, here are some safety measures you can take to screen guests and prevent any damages in the future.

How do I cancel my Guesty account?

You can cancel your Guesty account by simply visiting your Guesty dashboard and clicking on “account cancellation”. But we’d hate to see you go – if you were not satisfied with our service, we'd appreciate any feedback or the reason for your dissatisfaction, so we can fix it for the future.

Guest Communication Service

 Who answers the listings’ inquiries and guest support issues? 
A team of experienced receptionists will answer all inquiries and use a smart prioritization system to ensure that the questions are answered within less than 1 hour. For standard email templates, such as reminders for cleaning services or welcome messages to guests, we can implement an automatic messaging system to deliver what we call “hooks”.
Does Guesty communicate with guests under my name?
If you would like us to respond in your name, that is possible. However, our default (and what most of our customers request) is to open up guest communication by introducing ourselves under our own names and then indicating that we help you (the host) with your Airbnb. We find that if guests know you have a dedicated support team, they feel free to get in touch with questions or concerns at any time.
Will Guesty take care of reviews and feedback?

We will write and post guest reviews on your behalf. Or, if you prefer to do this yourself, you can use this post to guide you through the process. Generally, there’s no need for anyone to respond to a Guest Review. But if a review is negative or you receive any actionable commentary in your private feedback, we can communicate with you and together determine how to respond.


 Will Guesty charge commission for pre-existing bookings?
We only charge a percentage fee on pre-existing bookings that you ask us to manage at the time of your Guesty registration. Otherwise, we will reserve our commission charge for only new bookings thereafter.
Does Guesty charge the same price for all types of listings?
Yes- we charge a percentage of the net amount that you receive from Airbnb for each booking. Remember, we will only charge you if and when you secure a booking.
Are there any additional services that are not included in the price?
We provide you with an option of paying for PMS software only and having a receptionist service as an extra, or in a bundle with receptionist service. You can contact our sales team for more information.
What is the policy for cancelled bookings?
Depending on the platform the booking was made and who canceled the reservation (host or guest), Guesty will either charge a fixed fee of $3 or a certain percentage (2-5%) on your billing plan.  Visit the help center or send us an email to find out more details.

Listings Inquiries

 Does Guesty provide listing price recommendations?

For pricing advice, you can check out this resource. There are some external resources that can help you, as well. You can access relevant research & market reports here. Alternatively, you can look to BeyondPricing and PriceLabsCo, two companies that specifically help hosts arrive at competitive price points on Airbnb (and both of which are compatible with Guesty).

Does Guesty increase my Airbnb SEO?

Yes! For one, we respond to booking requests and inquiries quickly & 24/7. This guarantees that you will never miss a booking and increases visibility, since Airbnb’s algorithm rewards the more attentive hosts. Further, our software runs automatic processes in the background of your account to increase search rankings & encourage more bookings. For more information, please refer to this resource.

My property is listed on other sites besides Airbnb – can Guesty prevent double bookings?
Yes! Many of our customers list their properties on multiple platforms, so this is no problem at all. To avoid double bookings, we ask that you maintain your Airbnb calendar as your 'master calendar'.
Can Guesty manage only some (but not all) of my property listings?

You can certainly have us manage only specific listings in your Airbnb account. If you're just beginning to create new Airbnb listings, this guide can help you through the process.

Sign Up Inquiries

Can I still join Guesty if I don’t yet have an Airbnb account?

 If you chose to have your listing on Airbnb you must create them on Airbnb and Guesty can pull them into your own Guesty dashboard and they can be managed from there. Adding a listing to Airbnb shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes, and you can feel free to contact us if you have any questions along the way. Further, our blog is filled with useful guides and this resource to help you get started.

If you do not wish to have your listings on Airbnb you can create your listing through Guesty and it can be pushed to both your personal website and to your Rentals United channel manager. 

Can I use Guesty if I only rent –not own– a property?
As far as ownership specifications, Guesty operates within Airbnb terms and conditions. On this topic, Airbnb invites anyone and everyone to list all types of properties. This applies to renters, too, as far as using Airbnb, but it may be a good idea to review your contract or double check with your landlord that it’s okay to accept Airbnb guests.
Does Guesty offer free trials?

We don’t offer free trials, but we do offer free registration and cancellation at any time. This means that you can sign up without submitting any of your billing information and try out our services without charge, as we will only bill you once you get bookings.

Can I use Guesty’s services intermittently?
Unfortunately this is not something that we currently offer.