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Guesty Capital

Short-term rental financing to grow your business your way

Invest in your business with quick, fully transparent funding. Payments are based on your revenue and are easily trackable in the Guesty dashboard.

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$10M+ in capital

Distributed to hospitality businesses since launching in May 2023

Funding crafted for
short-term rental businesses

Fast funding

Get funding directly to your bank account in 1-2 business days. Skip the bank lines and bureaucracy with a personalized offer waiting for you in your Guesty dashboard.

Pay as you earn

Pay less on slow weeks and more on good ones with payments based on your revenue.

No fees and stress-free

Funding is based on the performance of your business and has no impact on your credit score. Plus, there are no hidden fees or interest.

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Freedom to use funding for
any business purpose

Renovate and upgrade

Stand out from the crowd by renovating properties and upgrading amenities

Grow your team

Invest in headcount and build the perfect team for your business

Build your brand

Invest in your brand and boost marketing efforts

Expand your portfolio

Increase your revenue potential by investing in new properties

Frequently asked questions

Which financial institution provides the funding for Guesty Capital?

Parafin is a business financing provider focused on supporting businesses. Guesty has partnered with Parafin to offer funds to Guestys users. All financing is governed by Parafin terms and conditions.

Who is eligible for Guesty Capital?

Eligibility is based on calculations made on the last 3 months of your revenue. If you are not eligible, your revenue will be analyzed again every two weeks and if relevant, a Guesty Capital funding offer will become available to you, automatically, in the Guesty dashboard.

How are offers determined?

Parafin’s eligibility criteria includes multiple business performance factors in order to determine the best offer available to your business. Increasing your sales, and maintaining consistent sales over time, will help increase your chances of getting an offer and the amount of the offer.

Can I pay off the funding before the agreed term?

Yes, you may pay your funding off in full before the agreed term if you wish.

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