Multi-unit & Complex Management

Group together similar listings to streamline management and optimize occupancy.

Manage more efficiently

Streamline the creation of many identical listings or group all of your existing interchangeable properties under one umbrella.

Create and connect complexes

Group your multi-units and single units to create a hotel complex and connect with SiteMinder and

Get a quick visual

From Guesty’s Multi-Unit Calendar, you can adjust prices, block dates and get a quick overview of which sub-units are occupied at any given time, enabling you to strategize how to accommodate as many bookings as possible.

Short-term miluti-unit and complex management

Accommodate more guests

Seamlessly move reservations from one sub-unit to another in order to make room for other bookings and maximize your occupancy.

FAQs about our Multi-unit Manager

What does a multi-unit manager do?

Multi-unit and complex property managers oversee listings, bookings, operations and guest communications for many similar units. They need to focus on maximizing occupancy and streamlining all property management tasks at scale without sacrificing guest experience. 

How can Guesty help me manage my multi-unit properties?

Guesty’s property management software is designed to help multi-unit and complex property managers run their businesses effectively. Our robust platform enables you to group together similar listings, so you can streamline tasks and increase occupancy. 

With Guesty, you will also have access to key features like our Multi-Unit Calendar, which gives you an overview of pricing and occupancy across sub-units so you can ensure you’re accommodating as many bookings as possible. You can also easily move bookings from one sub-unit to another to allow you to maximize reservations.

What are the key success factors for multi-unit management?

For property management companies with multi-units and complexes, it can be challenging to get a thorough overview of your units and to ensure bookings are optimized for maximum occupancy. Additionally, with so many more guests, maintaining a top-notch guest experience is key for success. 

With a multi-calendar view of your units and top-notch Automation Tools, you’ll be able to save time as well as easily streamline operations, optimize bookings and ensure a smooth guest experience, so you can focus on growing your business.

With Guesty, I can streamline and automate all of the complex operational needs that go into running multi-unit serviced apartments, whether it be staff management, issuing reports to homeowners, or handling guest check-in and check-out... Guesty has me covered.
Jacob Boukris Founder, Isrentals Kings’ Suites
They act fast, and develop a lot of new meaningful features, like multi-unit connections and smartlock integrations. They also have a lot of strategic partnerships that help to maximize revenue! Like late check-out or early check-in set up.
Arnaud G Capterra

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