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Introducing GuestyPay: the In-House Payment Solution for the Hospitality Industry

January 09, 2023 |
Payment Processing Guesty

Imagine a payments processor that actually understands how your business works.

It is no secret that payment processors are a huge point of contention for property managers. For the most part, payment processors do not have a strong understanding of the wonderful yet multifaceted hospitality industry and the specific needs that come with it. Unfortunately, this often means that our customers are faced with transaction failures, and the frustration of dealing with multiple providers and dashboards.  

This is why we are so excited to announce the launch of GuestyPay: a one-of-a-kind, in-house payment solution, tailored to your business needs. GuestyPay is the solution for vacation rental payments. 


Industry-specific and in-house

GuestyPay was created specifically for the hospitality industry by payments experts who know the industry inside out. You know what that means? No more wrongly flagged fraudulent payments, and no more frozen or disconnected processing accounts. 

While our customers enjoy seamless payment processing, the specialist, behind-the-scenes payments operation team at Guesty, will be constantly monitoring trends and flagging market threats. 

And one of the best parts is that all of this is done in-house at Guesty, so our customers can enjoy the luxury of only using one dashboard and one 3rd party provider for all their business needs. 

Payments reporting and analytics

We know how important it is to stay on top of your payments and ensure that they are fully reconciled in order for your business to flow smoothly. That is why we take so much pride in the GuestyPay Report Portal which allows GuestyPay users to efficiently reconcile settlements and payouts. The portal also provides an up-to-date history of your transactions.

In addition, GuestyPay has a fully synchronized chargeback analytics dashboard for easy management and troubleshooting of chargebacks.

End-to-end credit card verification 

GuestyPay also offers end-to-end credit card verification. 

Verification is a step in payment processing where the identity of the card’s owner is confirmed. This is extremely important for both the merchant and the customer. For a merchant, such as yourself, card verification exists to prevent chargebacks and fraud. For your customers, verification detects fraudulent activity on their cards before it happens. 

Backed by leading US Banks

As you may know, not everyone can process payments. In order to become a payment processor you need to be approved by a number of banking institutions. GuestyPay has partnered with leading US banks in order to provide best-in-class, industry-focused payment processing that stands to the highest levels of regulation. 

GuestyPay can process payments from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. 

Take control of your payments

GuestyPay will make your payment processing a lot easier. It’s the first in-house payments processor designed specifically for the hospitality industry. It is the solution this industry has been waiting for and will give your business the control and continuity it needs to run smoothly. 

GuestyPay is currently only available in the US. Join our waiting list to be the first to know when GuestyPay becomes available in your region.



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