Efficient, automated communication. Because there aren’t enough hours in the day to communicate with guests and have a life.

All your communication in one place

The Unified Inbox is a smart messaging tool that centralizes all your guest communication. Whether you’ve received an inquiry through a booking channel, email or SMS, you can answer them all via your Guesty inbox.

All the information you need

Use the sidebar to view, edit and add to reservation details without ever leaving your inbox. With everything you need on one page, answer inquiries quickly and accurately for a better guest experience.

Wide range of functions

01. Assign relevant conversation threads to designated personnel.
02. Create and use saved replies for common guest inquiries instead of typing the same responses over and over.
03. Archive old conversations to clear the way for more urgent correspondence.
04. Turn leads into guests with our snooze feature, which resurfaces messages that are still waiting on an answer.
05. Filter through your messages and sort them by listing or even stage of inquiry.
The Inbox feature allows for easy communication and delegation of tasks for reliable management of our staff on the ground.
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