Unified Inbox

Efficient, automated communication in one centralized place so nothing slips through the cracks.

All your communication in one place

The Unified Inbox is a smart messaging tool that centralizes all your guest communication. Whether you’ve received an inquiry through a booking channel, email or SMS, you can answer them all via your Guesty inbox.

All your short-term property rental communication in one place

Correspond seamlessly on WhatsApp

Communicate with guests using WhatsApp, the messaging platform preferred by 1.5 billion people worldwide, without ever leaving your inbox.

All the information you need

Use the sidebar to view, edit and add to reservation details without ever leaving your inbox. With everything you need on one page, answer inquiries quickly and accurately for a better guest experience.

Include attachments directly from your inbox

Attach images directly to your messages of items guests may have left behind, PDFs with the information they need for their stay and proof for Airbnb Support when filing a claim.

Wide range of functions

01. Assign relevant conversation threads to designated personnel.
02. Create and use saved replies for common guest inquiries instead of typing the same responses over and over.
03. Archive old conversations to clear the way for more urgent correspondence.
04. Turn leads into guests with our snooze feature, which resurfaces messages that are still waiting on an answer.
05. Filter through your messages and sort them by listing or even stage of inquiry.

FAQs about our Unified Inbox

Why is it important to consolidate your communication with guests?

A successful property manager with multiple listings will have to communicate with several guests at once, especially when you account for those who haven’t yet checked in or even finalized their reservations. 

With messages coming through email, SMS and the original booking channel, it can be really time consuming to get to all of them, and worse, some can fall through the cracks and go unanswered, resulting in unhappy guests or lost leads. 

A Unified Inbox collects all of your communication in one inbox, meaning you’ve only got to log into one platform to check and respond to guest messages. This means less time wasted and reduced risk of missed messages.

What is the best way to keep your Inbox organized?

To save yourself time on shuffling through correspondence in search of what you need, we’ve got some helpful inbox management tools like archiving and filtering capabilities as well as Saved Views, which allows you to save specific filters so you can easily apply them. 

Here are some of the Saved Views we’ve found to be most effective for our users:


  • Potential guests: Save a filter that will allow you to view only inquiries and reservation requests rather that conversations with confirmed guests. Unclosed leads should be a priority.
  • Guests checking in that day: To help ensure the check-in process is smooth for each guest, save a view that shows only confirmed guests checking in on that date.
  • Assignee: Make communication simple for your personnel by creating views that display only the correspondence with guests they’re responsible for. 


  1. Remaining conversations: Save a filter for all threads that will not show up in your higher priority filters so you can you ensure you still get to them once you’ve tended to the others. 

Can you use a white-labeled domain name with the Unified Inbox?

You will be given a default domain ending in @user.guesty.com, but are welcome to replace this with a custom domain by sending Guesty a request that includes the white-labeled domain name and following the instructions you are sent in response. Guesty will walk you through the process of integrating your personal domain with our software. 

The Inbox feature allows for easy communication and delegation of tasks for reliable management of our staff on the ground.
Sebastian Drescher Airgreets
I love using this platform to manage our properties. We are able to have centralized communication, ease of seeing our properties, scheduling of payments, and much more. It also continues to evolve over time!
Brian F. Capterra

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