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Unified Inbox

Multiple channels, one inbox

Simplify and streamline your guest communications by bringing all of your messages, reservation details, and internal notes to one place — no matter what platform they came from

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Integrations that drive results

Enjoy a single destination for all guest communication

Boost efficiency

Streamline tasks, save time, and optimize workflows by eliminating the need to log into multiple platforms or multiple communication sources

Step up your communication

Enable faster, more relevant communication with AI-powered responses and messaging that appears side-by-side with reservation details

Never miss a message

Gain peace of mind knowing you can find your messages — and notifications — all in one place

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A wide range of functions for all your communication needs

Filter, sort, focus

Sort and filter messages by channel, guest, listing, stage of reservation cycle, urgency, and more. Save your filters to readily access information and streamline workflows, or hit the snooze button to focus on what matters most.

Multiple integrations

Guesty’s Unified Inbox consolidates messages from connected OTAs, email, SMS, and WhatsApp, as well as from property owners. The result is faster response times and fewer errors.

AI-powered responses

Respond to guest messages with a click. Activate Guesty ReplyAI to generate instant messages that are accurate, understand context, and are written in your unique voice.

Add internal communication

Foster collaboration, simplify shift changes, and deliver a great guest experience. Use internal notes to record important guest information and to clarify commitments and requests.

Saved replies

Create a library of response templates to frequently asked guest questions. Answer more easily, maintain policy consistency among your team, and ensure a unified communication style.

Side-by-side reservation details

Our sidebar view of guest and reservation details ensures you have the information you need to answer guest messages quickly and accurately, without having to search through multiple tabs.

Discover why hospitality managers love the Guesty Unified Inbox

Casita, Miami Beach

“[Guesty has] the Unified Inbox which makes it so easy to respond to one message or 600 like we do today with our automated features.”

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Frequently asked questions

Why consolidate communication with guests?

A property manager — especially one with multiple listings — will have to communicate with several guests at once, including ones who haven’t checked in yet or even potential guests who are yet to finalize their reservations.

With messages coming directly through email, SMS, or booking channels themselves, responding to all your communications – across all of your listings – can be time-consuming. Even worse, messages can fall through the cracks and go unanswered, resulting in unhappy guests or lost leads.

The Unified Inbox consolidates all of your communication into one inbox, so you only have to log into one platform to check and respond to guest messages. This saves time and reduces the risk of missed messages.

What is the best way to keep your Inbox organized?

To save yourself time on shuffling through correspondence in search of what you need, we’ve got some helpful inbox management tools like archiving and filtering capabilities as well as Saved Views, which allows you to save specific filters so you can easily apply them.

Here are some of the Saved Views we’ve found to be most effective for our users:

Potential guests: Save a filter that will allow you to view only inquiries and reservation requests rather that conversations with confirmed guests. Unclosed leads should be a priority.
Guests checking in that day: To help ensure the check-in process is smooth for each guest, save a view that shows only confirmed guests checking in on that date.
Assignee: Make communication simple for your personnel by creating views that display only the correspondence with guests they’re responsible for.

Remaining conversations: Save a filter for all threads that will not show up in your higher priority filters so you can you ensure you still get to them once you’ve tended to the others.

Can you use a white-labeled domain name with the Unified Inbox?

You will be given a default domain ending in, but you can replace it with a custom domain by sending Guesty a request that includes the white-labeled domain name.

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