Manual Reservations. Manage reservations your way.

Gain full control over your business and provide tailored experiences with Guesty’s Manual Reservations. Your one-stop-shop for managing all manual reservations including phone, email, walk-in, or staff assisted.

Take full control of the reservation experience

Reduce dependency on 3rd parties

Respond to market changes in real-time and adapt your business rules without waiting for approval from a 3rd party

Have the flexibility to make personalized offers

Accommodate your guests by tailoring quotes and providing flexible reservations terms

Get more 
direct reservations

Win more reservations by offering personalized promotions and coupons

With Guesty's Manual Reservations You Can

Control the terms of your business

Gain full control over your business rules such as cancellation policies, rate plans and approving extended stays; and have the flexibility to override pre-set business rules when necessary.

Send personalized quotes

Tailor offers and accommodation options for potential guests, and allow guests to easily confirm and pay for their stay without needing continuous communication.

Tailor promotions

Easily offer personalized promotions to win more bookings directly. Guesty’s reservation flow makes accommodating your guests’ needs a breeze.

Operate smoothly behind the scenes

Protect your properties, comply with local regulations, and deliver an outstanding guest experience using Guesty’s automated and customized pre-stay tools. You will also have a dedicated inbox to communicate directly with guests and can use GuestyPay to streamline payments.

Manual Reservations FAQs

How can I send a personalized quote to guests?

Using Guesty’s multi-calendar, you can create personalized quotes including a group of properties for guests to choose from. You can then send the quote to guests via a link, which opens the quote for guests to view. There, the guests can select which property they wish to accept and book their accommodation directly via the link.

Alternatively, you can share quotes with guests via regular email correspondence.

Quotes will automatically expire after 24 hours if they are not confirmed. If a guest wants to accept your offer later than that, you will need to send them a new quote.

If you can’t connect to a payment processor, you will be able to send a quote without asking the guest to enter a payment method.

Is it possible to block off dates or make a reservation on behalf of a guest?

Yes. If you want to block off dates to keep your property vacant, or in order to add a reservation for a guest, you can do this. You can do this manually on a listing’s calendar at any time. The selected dates will then be blocked across all booking channels.

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