Guesty Channel Manager

More channels means more bookings, but it doesn’t have to mean more work.

Centralized management

Handle all listing maintenance from your Guesty dashboard and skip the hassle of hopping from account to account and platform to platform.



No matter how many listings you’ve got or channels you use, all of your reservations will appear in your Guesty Multi-Calendar, where you can check availability, make quick price adjustments and block specific dates.

Seamless synchronization

Guesty will pull all of your listing and reservation details from each channel, instantly updating your Multi-Calendar as well as all your other channels. Double bookings and avoidable vacancies are now things of the past.

Guesty Automation for booking channels

Maximized revenue

Adjust prices across all booking platforms from a single place, and set rules to automate pricing without intervention.

Siteminder Integration

Our integration provides you with access to the most robust hotel distribution platform to ensure your units and properties are visible to as many audiences as possible, hotel-goers included. It also ensures you gain unparalleled sales and marketing support to global distribution systems (GDSs).

Channel management Guesty

Channel management Guesty

Rentals United Integration

Our integration with Rentals United enables property managers to connect with a variety of OTAs as well as niche channels to help diversify their marketing mix and increase conversions.

Endless opportunities

You shouldn’t have to limit the number of channels on which you promote your rentals simply because you haven’t got the time or headspace to manage them all.

Thanks to Guesty’s direct integrations with platforms like Airbnb and, syncing distribution channels with your Guesty dashboard is a simple process, inviting even more opportunity to reach guests and secure bookings!

FAQs about our Channel Manager

How can a channel manager save you time?

Property managers who list their rentals on multiple channels will have a very hard time keeping up with their tasks without the help of a vacation rental channel manager. They will need to spend hours of their workweek logging into each channel independently in order to publish new listings, update existing listings and block off unavailable dates that were booked on other channels.

A channel manager gives you one central location from which you can add and update listings and it will then push that information to each of your channels. Likewise, it will pull reservations from your channels and sync all of your individual calendars so that only available dates are bookable through each channel.

How does a channel manager prevent double bookings?

By facilitating “communication” between your various channels, a channel manager for vacation rentals ensures each channel blocks off unavailable dates in your multi calendar that have been reserved through other sources. For example, a channel manager integrated with Airbnb and will not allow Airbnb users to book dates that have been reserved by users and vice versa. 

This ensures that two different guest parties do not book the same listing for the same dates, which will force the property manager to cancel on one guest party. Cancellations should be avoided whenever possible as they damage the property manager’s reputation in the eyes of guests and OTAs.

With which channels is Guesty’s vacation rental channel manager directly integrated?

As of now, Guesty has direct integrations with Airbnb,, Agoda, TripAdvisor, VRBO, and Misterb&b. This means that there is an official, step-by-step, Guesty-guided connection process for integrating with various Ota’s. What it doesn’t mean is that you can’t integrate other channels with Guesty’s software. Due to Guesty’s Open API, it is possible to sync the platform with channels with which Guesty does not yet have a direct integration. 

Of course, Guesty’s Marketplace is always growing and more direct integrations are sure to be added in the very near future. 

Calendar, channel management and all of the wonderful things Guesty is rolling out which we have incorporated into our business has helped us to grow.
Dunnzy Kaufman CEO, Sojourn
They are the best in the game for short term rental management. I have over 80 units across different cities (and different OTAs) and they make management easy!
Kay Walker, Walker Property Management Trustpilot
Guesty has been a true strategic partner in our growth, and thanks to their user-friendly channel management, which can be completely tailored to our needs and those of our guests, we have been able to scale our business in a relatively short period of time.
Alice Horn, Villakey Trustpilot
We were able to unify all of our multi-channel online bookings as well as sales from our website in one centralized place. Guesty helps us avoid duplicated bookings and reduces the required efforts for the management of multiple online sales channels along with our own booking website.
René Blino, Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes Capterra
The workload required to synchronize our calendars across 25 different websites for each of our listings - it just wouldn’t have been possible without Guesty.
David Malka Better Vacations
Guesty has everything you need: task management, reports, multi-units, text messages and emails, auto-messages, analytics, direct connections with the main vacation rental platforms (API, 2 ways). Need more platforms? They even have a connection with Rentals United.
Arnaud G Capterra
Great integrations with top platforms, amazing calendar functionality, and syncing the inbox with booking platforms are just a few of the benefits we are seeing since switching to Guesty.
Rick Turenne Trustpilot
Guesty has provided easy and rapid integration, and quickly assisted us in hosting our properties in several states through multiple booking channels.
Brandon Hiserote Trustpilot

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