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Welcome to the most customizable reporting tools in the industry. View all your information in a way that makes sense to you.

Monitor your business

Guesty presents all of your important business data in accessible reports that give you a clear picture of your listings, tasks, reservations and any other information you need.

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View what you choose to

Our advanced software enables you to create reports on specific aspects of your business. Choose from over 65 parameters, including check-in time, addresses, revenue and much more.

Share with relevant parties

Keep homeowners updated on their properties’ performance, or issue daily task reports to assignees in real-time.

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FAQs about our Reporting Tools

Why use Guesty’s reporting tools software?

The main reason to use Guesty’s management reporting tools over any other is that our reports can pull information directly from your dashboard without requiring you to manually input any details. Guesty’s reports grab all your data, from bookings to reviews, and can instantly generate detailed reports based on the parameters of your choosing.

Our users have admitted to spending hours of their day entering data into spreadsheets before joining Guesty and can now use that time to focus on other aspects of their business, like communicating with guests or managing your tasks

How can your staff benefit from Guesty’s property management reports?

As we said, reports can be sorted by over 65 parameters, including tasks and assignees. By instantly creating reports detailing each of your staff member’s unfinished tasks, you can help them stay organized and on track. 

You can also assign tasks to specific members directly from a task report, by selecting an assignee from the drop down menu. 

How can property management reports help you make better business decisions?

By accumulating all of your data in a highly comprehensive, sortable way, Guesty PMS reporting tools give you actionable insights into your properties’ performance in a number of categories, including income, occupancy and guest satisfaction. This information can help you make business decisions regarding your marketing efforts for specific rentals, your prices and your offering in terms of guest experience. 

Reports can also help you determine which locations may be worth investing in further if you’re interested in adding new properties to your portfolio and which properties may be weighing your business down. 

Guesty’s analytics tools can also help in these areas, of course, but understanding the numbers behind the analysis may help shed some light and give you more certainty regarding your decisions. 

The detailed reports give a good overview of how the business is running
Sebastian Drescher Airgreets
Guesty helps save a lot of time to reconcile income by generating reservation reports in an easy and convenient way!
Sarah Wang Trustpilot

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