Task Management

Generate, assign and monitor recurring to-dos so they all get done right, and right on schedule.

Recurring tasks

Set up recurring tasks to be generated and assigned after specific triggering events, such as check-ins, check-outs or reservation confirmations.

Manual tasks

Got a unique, one-time task? No problem. Just enter the details manually and the assignee will be notified.

Task management on the go

With access to the Task Management feature on our native mobile app, your employees will be tuned in to their assignments and all relevant business operations no matter where they are.

Time frames

Default time frames will be mapped out for each of your tasks, so staff will know when assignments must be completed.

Task reports

With Task Reports, you can sort your tasks according to a number of filters and share them with employees to provide a detailed view of all their upcoming to-dos.

Domino effect

The completion of certain tasks can set other actions into motion and team members will automatically receive relevant notifications for what comes next.

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