Damage Protection

Gain peace of mind knowing your units are covered from guest damages with our wide-ranging coverage options. Whether it’s a broken appliance, a stained rug, or harm to those small items that make your rental units unique, our comprehensive protection plans will cover the costs.

Full Protection, Zero Friction

Trying to recoup damage losses directly from guests can result in bad reviews, credit card disputes, and ultimately, fewer reservations. Damage Protection eliminates any guest friction by removing the need to take large security deposits from guests pre-stay, the hassle of chasing guests who left damages post-stay, and any confrontation that may ensue.

Seamless Integration with the Guesty Platform

Damage Protection plans purchased are fully integrated with Guesty’s platform—from choosing and applying a coverage plan to making claims against specific reservations—making reporting damage losses and settling and tracking claims easier to manage as a part of your team’s operational workflows.

Guesty platform

Premium damage protection for rentals

Transform Risk Into Opportunity

Offer our Damage Protection services as a premium, added-value service to both guests and owners—generating additional revenue, fostering goodwill with guests, and attracting new inventory from owners concerned about property damage. 

Full Multichannel Coverage Across All Reservations and Inventory Types

Damage Protection supports all distribution channels and caters to the many locations and varied types of your rental units. Our wide-ranging, multichannel solution covers every kind of inventory. 

damage protection for rental units

FAQS about Damage Protection

How much is covered under Damage Protection?

It depends on the plan you choose, portfolio size, and value of contents in your rental units. Our robust plans range from $3,000 up to $20,000 per booking for content damage with no deductible and include additional coverage for professional bed bug removal, smoking-related incidents, and real property (building/structural) damage. Click here to find the right coverage plan for your needs.

What is the right plan for my business?

Risk management is a very individualized decision, and it will largely depend on the size of your portfolio and value of contents in your rental units. Learn more here

How do I sign up?

Signing up is a three-step process that can be accomplished via your Guesty dashboard. Simply choose your coverage plan, select the properties you would like it to apply to, and sign up

Currently, Damage Protection is only available to US & Mexico users and will be gradually released to additional regions. Sign up to our waiting list to be notified when Damage Protection becomes available in your region or to have someone from our team reach out to you for more information if you’re operating in the US or Mexico.

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