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Hosting on Airbnb in NYC | Guesty

With the controversy surrounding listing long-term residential apartments as short-term lets (and other stories), New York City hasn’t exactly caught a break in its relationship with Airbnb. But, as resilient and vibrant as it is, the city has divided and conquered the hurdles that once stood in its way. To this day, NYC proudly holds […]

WelcomeWendy + Guesty

Having been voted “best country” in a recent global poll, it is no surprise that Germany has been experiencing peak tourism traction in recent months. And, also to no surprise, this ongoing traction has helped to create the perfect space for the Airbnb sector to fill. WelcomeWendy has blossomed alongside these developments in the short-term rental industry, working […]

WhiteSpider + Guesty

Maximizing and maintaining a high-rated, high-quality Airbnb business is both a science and an art. And, with WhiteSpider, the two elements finally meet. WhiteSpider is an Airbnb property management service that deals with the cleaning/maintenance, staging, and management of your listings and provides premier concierge support for your guests. That’s the science part and the art part is […]

Manage My Place + Guesty

We’d like to introduce you to the premier property management company for the Kiwis of the Airbnb hosting community: Manage My Place. Manage My Place is a unique service that not only handles your listings for you but also maximizes your profit by implementing marketing strategies, optimizing pricing, and improving guest experience. This company works for hosts all the way […]

BNBbuddy + Guesty

Making up over half of Airbnb’s total business, Europe has some pretty fertile soil for vacation rental management companies to grow. And that’s exactly what happened for BNBbuddy. Rooted in Edinburgh and Cannes, BNBbuddy offers professional management for both Airbnb and VRBO hosts, cleaning services, check-in personnel, price optimization, and 24/7 guest support. In short, […]

6 Must-Have Airbnb Tools for Hosts in 2016

The Airbnb ecosystem is flourishing. It’s not just the Airbnb brand that’s growing – it’s the entire home-sharing industry. It’s the rapidly expanding community of hosts and of guests. It’s the doubled number of bookings that are forecasted for 2016. It’s all of this, despite local– even legal – pushback.  Regardless of controversy, the Airbnb […]

How to Put a Personalized Airbnb Experience on Auto-Pilot

Personalized guest experiences are important. Typically, guests expect a certain level and manner of service when staying at an Airbnb or another short-term rental accommodation. And as they should. Often, guests choose to stay at vacation rentals rather than at mainstream hotels in order to see travel through a more holistic and immersive lens. They […]

Guesty Manage Your Own PMS Settings

Here at Guesty, 2016 has been a pivotal year for our hosts and their vacation rental data. First, we launched a full-access interface displaying all of your vacation rental data – across all of your accounts –  in one place. Then, the ability to share revenues. Now, you can create your own version of property […]

Airbnb Hosts Can Easily Share Revenue | Guesty Blog

  When it comes to any business – small or large – allocating earnings to team members is never a simple feat. And operating within the Airbnb and short-term rental industry is no exception. We understand the complications involved in sharing the booking revenues of your properties: a co-host helps manage Listing A, a third-party […]

Guesty New PMS (Property Management) Features | Guesty Blog

  Recent changes to the Guesty Dashboard Search: find every reservation, guest, or listing in seconds. The new search bar makes the dashboard into your own private vacation rental database. Report: streamline your information flow using the new and improved reporting system. This powerful tool enables you to sort, filter, and schedule customized reports. All of […]

A Brief History of Airbnb Partnerships | Guesty Blog

Over the past 7 years, Airbnb has been bridging gaps between communities, turning strangers into friends, and making neighbors into partners. This collectivism and even more so, this sharing culture, has undoubtedly brought us closer together and has made this vast world seem that much more within reach. But togetherness does not simply describe the effect […]

Airbnb Open Features New Host Features | Guesty Blog

At the Airbnb Open, the company announced the development and launch of a few new features to ensure seamless and secure experiences for every type of guest, as well as successful bookings for every type of host. Here’s a rundown of Airbnb’s new features that are now setting sail. Seamless Business Travel As their Business Travel Program begins […]

What Kind of Airbnb Host Are You?| Guesty Blog

by Amy from The Abundant Host Hello, Guesty readers and users! It’s a pleasure to be here with you today. I’m the Abundant Host, and I help people up their profit, freedom and success hosting on Airbnb with intention and finesse! You may have read a few blogs on hosting by now, and you may have […]

GuestPrep Arrives In Denver! | Guesty Blog

  From the east, to the south, and now…the west: GuestPrep (née AirCleanNSheen) is making some big moves across America in its fight to clean for all of Airbnb manKindness. So Denver hosts, now you can join fellow happy hosts in Washington D.C. and Austin as you say hello to your new little friend: a […]

Guesty Releases New Airbnb Booking Sorting Feature | Guesty Blog

We know you. Too many Airbnb bookings to keep track of and certainly too many to go through and organize for your records. What if there was a simple way to filter your short-term rental bookings, by, say, creation date, price, or number of guests? What if you could even choose your own filter credentials, […]

Guesty + VRMA Conference 2015 New Orleans | Guesty Blog

Watch out New Orleans, the top professional Airbnb and short-term rental management tool will soon be on its way down south for the VRMA Conference on October 25-28. The annual Vacation Rental Management Association Conference is the largest event in the industry, and it’s going to be the best yet. Why? Because the Big Easy will be teaching us how to help you rent easy: the […]

The Checklist To Maximize The Airbnb Experience | Guesty Blog

Like every business venture, there’s planning, preparation, and good old fashioned hard work that goes into every vacation home rental. As a host, you are not just providing a roof over your guests’ heads, you’re shaping their experiences. And chances are, you’d like to shape an enjoyable one at that. Yes, there are many different […]

How To Stay On Top Of Airbnb Host Payments | Guesty Blog

The Airbnb host payment system has many facets for hosts to consider. There are options from which to choose and situations for which to prepare. But payout time is every host’s favorite time of day, and it can only stay that way if it’s approached with no frustration, confusion, or hidden obstacles. So invest a […]

What Do The Most Successful Airbnb's Have In Common? | Guesty Blog

Correlation does not imply causation – everyone’s favorite adage; a tale as old as time. The phrase is a warning to be skeptical of seemingly causal events before proving them to actually be so. Seems fair enough, but is this skepticism always the smartest route to success? Onto what that means for you as an […]

Stop Airbnb Complaints Before They Happen | Guesty Blog

  It’s no news that trust is the glue that both holds together and provides structure for Airbnb. Trust and reputation are the two most important (and most heavily relied upon) factors in any given transaction among sharing community members; they represent the currency that runs the system. [There’s] a social glue of trust that […]

Airbnb's Improves Instant Book & Hosting Experience | Guesty Blog

For a little bit of history…”Instant Book” (this little guy⚡) is a setting that hosts can opt into when managing each of their active Airbnb listings. Once turned on, the Instant Book feature allows guests to reserve your space without waiting for your individual approval. This is good for guests who appreciate convenience and who face time sensitive travel […]

Airbnb Cleaning, Handyman, Restocking Professionals | Guesty Blog

What’s your biggest hurdle when preparing for back-to-back Airbnb reservations? We can all relate that the stress builds up and doesn’t necessarily culminate in the most effective of ways. This pressure to prepare your space between guests is a pressure that’s shared among other professional hosts. That’s why it’s a time to bring the community even closer together […]

How To Become An Airbnb Superhost | Guesty Blog

Ahh, Superhost status – the badge of honor awarded to deserving hosts by none other than Airbnb itself. Earning this rank allows you to publicly display Airbnb’s courteous and gentlemanly ‘tip of the hat’ to you for being such an upstanding sharing economy citizen, and it’s a gesture that is certainly recognized and respected by the […]

How To Manage Your Airbnb Finances in 5 Steps | Guesty Blog

If you’re like me, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of business your Airbnb listing is generating. You thought it would be easy but you didn’t take into account the cleaning, decor, expenses, and upkeep. Oh, and taxes, you hate taxes. Fear not. You’ve officially taken the first step to getting your house in […]

10 Tools To Boost Airbnb Host Efficiency | Guesty Blog

Let’s begin with a little bit of a throwback… This is old news: for years now, there have been hundreds of new tools released into our appmosphere daily. The result? Hundreds of new reasons everyday to access whatever you want, whenever you want. But as the market becomes more and more saturated, the scope of […]

How To Kick Your Airbnb Pricing Strategy Up A Notch | Guesty Blog

Ah economics, everyone’s least favorite science. Though it’s not a preferred topic of conversation, Airbnb economics is a necessary discussion for hosts to have. In short, pricing your Airbnb listing is the bread and butter of turning this sharing community into a professional sector, so you can imagine how important it is to tackle this […]

Get With The Times Of Remote Airbnb Key Handoffs | Guesty Blog

Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keys? Not necessary. Like many other property standards, the traditional in-person key exchange between host and guest is now being pushed aside by its more efficient and convenient counterparts of the new, home sharing economy. Each development to the ole’ key handoff technique is more than just a pretty face, it’s […]

How to Wake Up from Host Fatigue | Guesty Blog

Before you read, take the quiz below to measure how at-risk you are for host fatigue… As the renowned ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius, once said, “Airbnb can be really simple, but overworked hosts sometimes insist on making it complicated” (c. 452 B.C.). More likely than not, you’ve had at least one instance of host fatigue in your Airbnb […]

Airbnb's New Reviews Feature | Guesty Blog

Airbnb’s platform updates have stuck again, with a new ‘Reviews’ feature that gives hosts a deeper look into their ratings. This fresh insight allows you to break down the stars received for each category of each listing, so you can assess your performance at a closer level and improve any shortcomings that may be bringing you down. […]

KeyCafe Arrives In London to Take Over The 'Flat' Sharing Economy | Guesty Blog

• Who? Keycafe is a secondary service (and convenience…to say the least) that extends a helping hand in the key exchange between Airbnb hosts and their guests. The folks at Keycafe have partnered with local coffee shops to take care of this experience for you. So, after the key drop-off, your work here is done. The next steps are taken care […]

How to Upgrade Your Airbnb | Guesty Blog

Mastering Airbnb is both a science and an art – every host needs to find the healthy balance between coloring inside the lines and thinking outside the box. In other words, doing everything according to the norm is expected, but that extra dose of the unexpected is what will bring Airbnb hosts to the next […]

How To Get More Bookings With Better Airbnb SEO | Guesty Blog

All too familiarly, the “if you build it, they will come” approach to Airbnb only goes so far. With over 1,000,000 listings worldwide, you’re up against some serious competition as an Airbnb host. Luckily, getting to the top is not just a shot in the dark: Airbnb’s search rankings reward both strategy and creativity in the […]

How To be An Airbnb Host: Guidelines & Advice | Guesty Blog

Airbnb’s culture is growing by the day and attracting more and more people along the way. The direction of this growth is steered by the community itself. In other words, the people of Airbnb shape the culture, and not the other way around. That’s why it’s important for new or inexperienced hosts to approach this […]

Airbnb Releases New Pricing Tools | Guesty Blog

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better than it already is, Airbnb outdoes itself. The home sharing mogul is slowly but surely releasing a new smart pricing feature that analyzes your hosting activity, relevant guest demand, and competitive rates – then wraps all that precious data into an easy-to-use, interactive price tip meter. And by all means, ask questions: Airbnb allows […]

Setting Up Your Profile on Airbnb: How Does It Work for Hosts? | Guesty Blog

The first time you have the opportunity to shake your guests’ hands is through your Airbnb profile. This is where you’ll deliver your first impressions, and most importantly, where guests have the initial opportunity to thin-slice you as a potential host. These kind of personal snap judgements take only a matter of seconds to take […]

Airbnb Listing Tips: Photography Edition Hosts Prepare Listings | Guesty Blog

With a well-described and perfectly compiled Airbnb listing, it’s hard to imagine your target guests would pass over the opportunity to stay with you. Interestingly enough, however, the written details of your listing can sometimes be the final deciding factor in a guest’s Airbnb search. First up: the photographs of your place. Each Airbnb listing […]

A Host's Guide to Airbnb Review System | Guesty Blog

Airbnb is a community based on trust. With the Airbnb site and app as the only platform for communicating with and screening guests, there is a huge demand for a resource within the platform on which users can rely to make safe rental decisions. Therein lies the value of the Airbnb review system. Opening your […]

A Step-by-Step Guide For How To List on Airbnb | Guesty Blog

Allow me to digitally tip my hat to you for joining the Airbnb hosting revolution – this new venture will yield both social capital and, of course, financial capital…without necessarily requiring any investments on your end. There are a number of ways to optimize these benefits that await, and the first road to Airbnb success […]

Best Airbnb Hosts with Out-of-the-box crazy listings weird listings funny airbnb KLM Plane apartment |Guesty Blog

The core of Airbnb culture is the creation of a single, inclusive community.  This has a variety of implications, one of which emphasizes expansive boundaries of any given society. One of the benefits of unlocking a new sphere of the travel world is opening the floor to any and every interpretation of its values.  This […]

Tips for using Airbnb Screening Potential Guests Airbnb host resource guesty blog

For most hosts, the most foreign aspect of listing on Airbnb is the idea of welcoming strangers into your home. On the bright side, Airbnb allows hosts to pick and choose these strangers by publishing guest profiles and reviews, while opening up the platform for communication between users. On the not-so bright side, this kind […]

Happiness Benefits of Airbnb | Guesty Blog

It’s no secret that the “sharing economy” has stolen the limelight. What may be a little less clear, is why. Perhaps it can be chalked up to be an inevitable societal development of our social tendencies as humans. Even the legend himself, Aristotle, predicted the collaborative business models that make up the sharing economy today: […]

Business + Travel + Airbnb = Check All Management Concerns At The Gate, Airbnb Business Travel Feature | Guesty Blog

  As part of its core effort to further bridge the gap between unconnected communities, Airbnb continues to expand its services to as many distinct market segments as possible. With the addition of its corporate & business travel program, Airbnb has begun accommodating professionals traveling for work and invites yet another personality into the sharing […]

apartment design ideas for more room to optimize your space- guesty

To ensure that your guests get the most value out of their experience and that you get the most value out of your apartment, you need to optimize your space. You can do this by maximizing occupancy, comfort, feel, and appearance of your home: each of which can be accomplished by small investments in time […]

Guesty- How To Airbnb Your Place

Adequate hosting is fairly simple: as long as there’s sufficient cleanliness and hospitality, guests are unlikely to run into any major issues with their stay. But hosting through Airbnb is a whole other beast entirely. Of course, it does comes at a huge advantage: exposure, trust, safety, to name a few. The competition, however, makes […]

Seeing a tourist with a guidebook in their hand is a rare occurrence nowadays thanks to smartphones and tablets being the preferred choice. Apps are now the go-to option for helping travelers navigate their way through new places and allowing them to get the most out of their adventure. While some people do have their […]

Airbnb is becoming more popular by the day and the number of guests to keep track of is rising. If you’re a host being weighed down by question after question then a plan and list of tools can be a great help. There are a lots of apps on the market perfect for supporting hosts […]

How Green Is Airbnb, environmental sustainability Airbnb Project going green | Guesty Blog

Very green, according to a study conducted by Cleantech Group, which suggested that staying in an Airbnb host is a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to travel. Cleantech surveyed 8,000 guests and hosts, and compared their answers to research on hotel and residential sustainability practices. For both North America and Europe, the hotel data used […]

Leave Treats To Be A Better Airbnb Host | Guesty Blog

Some people say that music is the universal language. Others say it’s math. But chances are you aren’t going to take the time compose a guitar ballad for your Airbnb guests, nor are you going to leave them a copy of Newton’s Principa Mathematica to peruse. So let’s think, what kind of universally spoken language […]

  For some travelers, Airbnb has a clear dollars and cents advantage over the traditional hotel experience. Like hostels, it’s easy to find good, cheap Airbnb listings in the heart of a city or town, helping adventurers on a budget — be it the backpack-toting college student or the single-suitcase business person — save money […]

Forgetting things while you’re traveling sucks. It really does. Rummaging wildly through your suitcase after a long flight, only to discover that what you thought was there, isn’t actually there. It can lead to panicking, frustration, nail biting, and just general bad vibes. But for a host looking to impress, a forgetful Airbnb guest can […]

Any good host knows it’s important to have at least one coffee table book on the premises. They provide decoration, spare reading material, and, most importantly, a chance to show-off one’s overwhelmingly artsy sophistication. But a great host? A great host takes it to the next level, trading in the conventional National Geographic anthologies and […]

Have you ever noticed that successful people always give the best handshakes?  The next time you shake an admirable person’s hand, pay attention to how they pull it off.  It usually starts with a flashed smile, followed by an elegant extension of the arm – energetic but not overly eager – a grip perfectly calculated […]

Needless to say, when we here at Guesty heard that Airbnb was going to be unveiling some new features early last week, we were beyond excited. Our staff, along with thousands of other Airbnb users and fans, anxiously hopped online last Tuesday to witness the live announcement of Airbnb’s grand redesign. So what do we […]

airbnb concierge

We at SuperHost recently rebranded as Guesty. Our name may have changed but we are still the premier Airbnb listing management service. Guesty still provides tailor-made, customizable front desk services to Airbnb hosts of any size – from hosts with one bedroom in their apartment to many rooms in a boutique hotel. We loved being SuperHost and we […]

How To Handle a Bad Review on Airbnb | Guesty Blog

So you got a bad review. You never thought the day would come. After all, your hosting is unparalleled. But even the perfect host can’t please everyone. As bookings start to pile up, and more and more guests stay at your listing, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. Maybe a situation […]

Guidebook | Guesty

Airbnb has this fantastic feature that lets you create a guidebook for people to see when browsing for listings. What’s a guidebook? It’s basically a ‘how-to” for your area. The feature lets you place pins on a map and write short descriptions of your favorite neighborhood spots (things like restaurants, grocery stores, and parks) across […]

Best Airbnb Hosts have Perfect Beds | Guesty Blog

Upscale hotels know that the best way to a guest’s heart is in their sleep. Which is why they’ve all perfectly mastered the art of slumber, crafting five-star wonder beds which look and feel like plus-sized marshmallows stuffed with a luxurious helping of clouds, snuggles, and seahorse dreams. While such beauty seems impossible to recreate, […]

Airbnb host and guest friendship, make your airbnb guest fall in love guesty

With both hosting and romance, it’s all about the little things. The micro gestures. The small details that can make (or break) a trip. To make your Airbnb guests truly fall in love, take the time to take care of these Casanova-like particulars. 1. City Guide Compile a one-page city guide for your guest, complete […]

Finding Hosts on the Street: Guesty & Superhost, Amiad Soto Koby Soto

After using every sales opportunity from our inner circle and our friends and family inner circles and our friends of friends circles, our sources for leads have dried. There were some organic sales coming from our website but it wasn’t enough to reach our goal of user growth rate. Desperate to get new users, we […]

Guesty handles all Airbnb hosting management so you can relax on vacation

So many Airbnb hosts mention the problem of getting questions and inquiries while they are on vacation. Shouldn’t there be a solution? This is where Guesty comes to the rescue! For only 3% of each booking we will take care of all messaging and inquiries and respond quickly and professionally so you can go on […]

Fast Response Rates on Airbnb are guaranteed to increase listing visibility and get you more bookings. We can take care of that all for you, at Guesty.

Did you know that according to Airbnb, host responsiveness is one of the most crucial factors for placement in search results? If you respond quick enough, Airbnb considers you to be a good host and rewards you with higher ranking. This leads to you showing up higher in search results, so you’ve got a better […]

Airpair helps Guesty connect with skilled professionals and seo | Guesty Blog

We at Guesty are building a service that makes life easier for people to be hosts on Airbnb. Our goal is to get to a broad audience of Airbnb hosts who find difficulties with managing their listing, as well as people who don’t host because of all the hassle associated with it. It’s a great […]

The Guesty Team, At Your Airbnb's Service | Guesty Blog

We are Guesty, a one stop shop for Airbnb hosts. We offer a private receptionist desk for rent, that takes care of the tedious task of managing a vacation rental, amongst offline services. We’re starting this blog since we want to provide you, our clients, as well as other Airbnb hosts around the world, information […]