Owners Portal

Keeping your homeowners in the loop and winning over new ones with your transparency is a piece of cake with Guesty’s Owners Portal.

The inside scoop

Offer property owners clear reports that detail each property’s yearly and monthly revenues, compare their performances to one another and highlight notable trends.

Customized & personalized

Tailor the information you share on the portal to your homeowners’ needs and allow them to reserve time in their properties directly from the portal. Take advantage of full white-labeling capabilities so that property managers will see your brand rather than Guesty’s.

Communication made easy

Knock down language barriers that stand between you and your homeowners. The Guesty platform is compatible with 15+ different languages, so all relevant parties can use it comfortably.

It’s a fantastic feature because we can give our owners information easily and allow them to make reservations themselves - it saves us a lot of time in the reservation department.
Natalie Feldwick-Davis Home From Home

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