Automation Tools

Let Guesty’s top-notch automation software take over your routine tasks so you can get back to growing your business.


Create a sequence of customized messages to be sent out to guests at any stage, through the medium of your choice: SMS, email or booking platform.


Ensure each and every guest inquiry is met with a quick reply through Guesty’s automated “answering machine.”


Guesty’s auto-pricing tool will automatically adjust prices according to your specifications to maximize revenue.

Guesty Automation Tools


Save yourself the hassle of reviewing guests over and over again. Now, automate the process by allowing Guesty to post reviews on your behalf.


Assign specific payment rules to each listing so that Guesty can automatically activate payments for all your reservations, according to your policies.

Guesty Automation Tools
Best PMS I've used...PERIOD. We tested many PMS providers before selecting Guesty and we haven't looked back since. Nearly everything can be automated, and the features are endless. It's simply the best software. Highly recommended over anything else I've used to date.
The BnB Dream Trustpilot
Improved the way we do business. User-friendly system. Automation and integrations are fantastically seamless. Highly recommend it to anyone taking their holiday rental business to the next level.
Emily Trustpilot
The best feature that Guesty provides is the automations: auto-messages, auto-replies and auto-tasks. They allow us to communicate with guests, housekeepers and owners more effectively and assist us in running a smooth operation.
Lulu Dessailly Trustpilot
Guesty has made property management and Airbnb hospitality a breeze! Guesty has been excellent for us! We've been able to automate 90%+ of our processes which has freed up our time to better serve guests and the business.
Haley Mckee, The Inns Capterra

FAQS about our Automation Tools

Why use short-term rental automation tools?

Time is money, so you shouldn’t be spending yours on tedious, repetitive tasks that technology can do for you. Property managers who implement message automation and similar solutions into their business operations have more time to tend to more critical tasks like providing personalized, 5-star guest experiences, communicating with homeowners and expanding their portfolios.

Another benefit of using automated tools to manage your short-term rentals is that they eliminate the risk of human error, so messages are always sent on time, inquiries are always met with prompt responses, prices are always adjusted to optimize revenue and guests are always reviewed following their stay (which, in turn, nudges them to review you). Forgetfulness and distractions are no longer an issue.

How much time can automation tools really save you?

At Guesty, we regularly survey our users to see how our property management tools are working for them. Our automation tools have been reported to cut their workloads by as much as 50 to 80 percent. 

Further, many of our clients identify automation tools as one of their favorite Guesty features, taking a lot of stress and extra work off of their plates so they can focus on what matters most: growth.

How can you make the most of automation technology?

The best part about Guesty’s automation tools is that they are customizable to your needs, so you can configure them in a way that is ideal for you and your unique business. 

We do recommend certain best practices, including a timeline for your automated messages:

  • Upon booking: confirmation message
  • Three days before arrival: message with check-in instructions
  • One day into the guest’s stay: a message touching base and checking that all is well
  • One day prior to guest departure: a message with checkout instructions
  • One day after checkout: a final message requesting that the guest review your listing

Regarding automatic responses, we suggest personalizing the messages and delaying their delivery by a few minutes so they seem human. We also recommend delaying Auto-Reviews so you can have enough time to intervene should you decide not to review a specific guest. 

As for automated pricing, refer here for professional tips on maximizing occupancy and revenue.

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