Automation Tools

Automate all of your repetitive business operations with Automation Tools. Anything from guest replies, listing pricing, reviews to staff tasks.

Highly customizable

Simplifies repetitive tasks

Increases efficiency and improves productivity

Saves time and systematizes your workflow

Create a sequence of customized messages (or ‘Hooks’) and have it send out to guests at any stage before, during or after their stay. Choose the time you want them to be delivered and medium you want it to be conveyed in: SMS, E-mail or Airbnb platform.

Personalize your message with dynamic variables, such as the guest name or check-in date of a specific reservation. Create your own custom variables that enable you to include reservation or listing specific information into your templates.

Want to send some guests get a different set of messages when their booking is last-minute?

Want to offer guests an extra cleaning service but only for long stays?

Adding filters to your automated messages allow you to set up different sequences of messages for various scenarios. Filters help you specify the conditions for Hooks to be sent out, and they are set according to your pre-defined requests. For example, you can request that a certain booking confirmation message be sent only to guests with parties of 5+ people. Or, you can ask to be notified if a booking over $2,000 is canceled.

Using these filters ensures that each message will be sent only to its relevant recipients, every time.

Have an instant reply sent out as soon as you get an inquiry with an Automated Answering Machine. Customize your message and maintain your response rate on Airbnb, even if you’re out of the office or sleeping.

Create a set of pricing rules that maximize profits from each listing. Whether it’s a price drop of days left un-booked or a calendar gap to fill in, Auto Pricing will allow you to optimize your nightly rates according to your pre-defined specifications.

Create tasks for your on-the-ground staff and automate your recurring tasks using Auto-Tasks. Assign cleanings, maintenance work or a check-in to your staff members, and have it automatically delivered to them each time a new reservation comes in.

Use Auto Reviews to automatically leave personalized reviews for your guests. Save time and the hassle of writing similar reviews over and over again.

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