Automation Tools

Let Guesty’s top-notch automation tools take over your routine tasks so you can get back to growing your business.


Create a sequence of customized messages to be sent out to guests at any stage, through the medium of your choice: SMS, email or booking platform.


Ensure each and every guest inquiry is met with a quick reply through Guesty’s automated “answering machine.”


Guesty’s auto-pricing tool will automatically adjust prices according to your specifications to maximize revenue.


Save yourself the hassle of requesting reviews over and over again. Now, automate the process by sending those who check out a review request.


Create and schedule tasks for every reservation, guaranteeing the appropriate personnel will be contacted with all the necessary information each time a new guest is scheduled to arrive.


Assign specific payment rules to each listing so that Guesty can automatically activate payments for all your reservations, according to your policies.


“Guesty is doing some amazing work in automating the vacation rental process.”

Alon Goldboim, DesignedVR