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The best smart locks for Airbnb

Smart Locks for Airbnb Property Rentals

Airbnb smart locks: a brief background

Gone are the days of the old-fashioned lock-and-key – the age of innovative, modern smart locks is here. With covid acting as a catalyst for contactless hosting, electronic smart locks for Airbnbs have risen to popularity within the host community.  

While replacing your ancient deadbolt lock with a slick, modern smart lock may take a small chunk from your budget, it brings an Airbnb host of useful (no pun intended) benefits and perks that are guaranteed to save you a ton of time and money in the long haul. There’s a reason they’re called SMART locks.

At their core, the best smart locks for Airbnbs allow PMCs to manage and customize access to their properties hands-free, while also avoiding unnecessary complications like lost keys and forgotten passcodes. 

The Basics of Smart Locks for Your Airbnb

Smart lock devices replace the old traditional key with an electronic system that unlocks upon receiving a wireless signal from an authorized smartphone, or a code. Airbnb smart locks come in different shapes and styles. While some models (such as a code lock) completely replace the door handle and bolt, other locks can be installed just above the handle. 

The common denominator is an electronic system that allows property managers to remotely manage who is authorized to open the door at any given time.

Most models allow you to program multiple user codes, making it easy to create and delete unique door codes for your guests.  

These Airbnb door locks are typically battery-powered, with a battery life of around 2-3 years. 

In most cases, they can be installed in less than half an hour, using a screwdriver to remove the keyhole on the back of the door if required. Once the system is up and running, it’s useful to test out a few smartphones to make sure the authorization is working properly.

Guesty customer Appartali's Airbnb that uses smart locks for entry.
Guesty customer Appartali use smart locks for contactless check-in experiences

That’s it – pretty simple stuff. From there, simply add your guests’ numbers to the list of authorized phones, and enjoy managing guest entry remotely. Many PMCs are even combining their smart locks with automated rental agreements for an entirely contactless check-in experience. Read how PMC Appartali has used automated rental agreements and other Pre-Stay Tools to make in-person check-ins a thing of the past.

Top Tip! Authorize a friend or neighbor’s phone so that they are on hand to unlock the door in case of an emergency!

Teaching Your Airbnb Guests How To Use Your New Smart Lock

Not all of your guests are going to be as tech-savvy as you are. If you’re implementing a smart lock system for your Airbnb, you should provide guests with instructions on how to use the compatible smart lock app. Since most models have an auto-lock feature, your guest may only be responsible for downloading the app, and turning on their Bluetooth when they reach the house. 

For guests that may struggle to grasp this modern technology, smart locks can still be opened the old-fashioned way with a traditional key.

As well as smart entry, smart locks can also be opened by more traditional keys and key cards.

FAQs: The Lowdown on Smart Locks

Still have concerns? We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Airbnb smart locks. These answers were aggregated from our in-house industry experts, some of our favorite industry influencers, and our range of leading smart lock partners. 

Where Can I Find a Smart Lock for my Airbnb?

Most smart lock models can’t be found in stores, and have to be ordered online from the model’s website. To make things easier, you can find a comprehensive range of 15+ smart lock partners within our ever-growing Guesty marketplace

How Smart Are Smart Locks?

Most models allow property managers to wirelessly grant access to guests’ phones by sending a digital keycode. Further, you can even limit the access for a specific time period i.e. to cover the length of the guest’s stay.

On top of that, smart locks keeps tabs on who is in your property, by letting you know when and which authorized phone opens the door. 

Important note: Smart locks can only be attached to a single door. If a property has multiple doors or entrance points (e.g. front gates), you will need to buy and manage multiple smart locks for the property.

What If A Guest’s Phone Dies?

No stress! All smart locks can still be opened with a traditional key. Alternatively, you can open the door remotely for your guests. 

What If The WiFi Is Down? 

Most smart locks operate via Bluetooth, so are unaffected by wifi blackouts. And again, all models can be opened with a good old-fashioned key.

What If The Power Goes Out?

Smart locks are typically battery operated, so will soldier on and keep running during a power outage. Many models not only have sensors that let you know when the batteries need replacing, but will also send you a reminder email about it.

How Secure Are Smart locks?

In short – very secure. When a smart lock communicates with a smartphone (sending digital passcodes or receiving signals), any data exchanged is protected with 128-bit encryption – the same level of security found in online banking.

smart locks for Airbnb are no more or less secure than a traditional lock.

Of course, there are certain vulnerabilities around all Airbnb door locks – smart or not – that pertain to user error. With smart locks, some people have voiced the concern that the phone in their pocket can automatically unlock the door as they approach the peephole to see who’s outside. Yet, some advanced smart locks account for this and can detect if a signal is being received from inside or outside, and act accordingly. This scenario can also be avoided with precautionary measures such as simply disabling auto-unlock. 

Bottom line: having a smart lock on your Airbnb is no more or less secure than having a traditional lock.

The Best Smart Locks for your Airbnb

To help you find the best smart lock for your Airbnb, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list (in no particular order) of the very best smart lock hardware and software that can be found on the market right now. 

Think of RemoteLock as the Guesty of the smart lock world – it brings all your doors and systems together with a cloud-based solution that is managed from a single dashboard.

It works on the properties existing WiFi, and property managers can manage all operations from their phone or laptop, where they can control guest and staff access.

Whether you manage one property or hundreds, RemoteLock is designed to make managing access easy and efficient, allowing you to scale your business with one less thing to worry about.

Operto provides property automation solutions. They offer a wide range of smart locks, while also providing the necessary software to completely integrate with Guesty (or other PMS) for fully automated, keyless guest entry.

With unique access codes for guests and staff, Operto notifies you when guests check out, or cleaning tasks have been completed. A comprehensive activity log of property entry also bolsters the property’s security, providing peace of mind for both guests and owners.

Want White House level security but don’t have the manpower? Look no further than Brivo; a cloud-based security platform with 20 years of experience in protecting smart locks (and other electronic devices) from both physical and cyber threats.

They are partnered with an extensive list of the most popular smart lock providers, affording property managers the luxury of a smart lock that fits their properties’ aesthetic and technical requirements.

With a user-friendly mobile interface, Brivo allows property managers to grant access and open or close doors from anywhere in the world… and they can even do so using Siri!

Vikey have 3 impressive smart lock products, yet that’s only the beginning of their offering. Vikey facilitates a completely contactless check-in process that can be automated and completed with minimal input from property managers.

Centred around their Vikey’s App, guests can submit any necessary documents and payments, and access their vacation rental with complete autonomy by inserting their reservation code.

Owners can monitor the arrival and departure of their guests while respecting their right to privacy, and optimizing time and costs in the process.

With SCLAK, your phone becomes your key. SCLAK is a secure access control system that allows you to integrate all your Airbnb door locks into a simple and secure system, working via an electronic locking device and smartphone app.

It’s easy to install, compatible with all electric, electromagnetic or electromechanical locking devices, and equipped with military-grade SHA2 encryption protocol to provide enough security to make any apartment a safe house.

AurMur allows you to automate the entire guest check-in process by providing temporary access codes, alerts, & notifications of guests’ movements. It also automatically notifies cleaning and maintenance staff when guests checkout to give them ample time to make the room clean and tidy for the next arrivals.

Nuki Home Solutions is Europe’s leading supplier of retrofittable, smart access solutions. 

The Nuki Smart Lock is an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door in a few minutes, with no drilling or lock changing necessary. It turns smartphone into smart key, letting Airbnb hosts control access to properties for guests, cleaning staff, employees, and anyone else who needs it.

DACK is a powerful and reliable access management solution that integrates with virtually any lock or cloud provider on the market today. This smart guest platform is fully dedicated to the guest experience, allowing property managers to delight their guests with high-end mobile and contactless access to properties.

With DACK, guests are automatically assigned a unique digital key and keycode when their reservation pairs to a unit with a digitally connected smart lock, and staff access can be managed remotely from the DACK Operator Portal.

Lynx makes smart locks for Airbnbs, smarter. With leading keyless and home automation software that works with any locks and smart devices, Lynx allows you to streamline operations for a better, smoother guest experience. 

It offers keyless entry, with automated, time-sensitive access for guests and staff. Lynx also assembles an audit trail, making it the real-time heartbeat of your operations. Further, Lynx gives property managers increased property visibility by notifying them each time a door is accessed, providing valuable information on the movements of guests and cleaning staff. 

Lynx smart lock software is compatible with any smart lock device

PointCentral is an enterprise-level platform for property managers. Their industry-leading solution monitors and controls Smart Home technology across all properties in their inventory over a best-in-class secure and reliable network that can run without Wi-Fi for added robustness.

PointCentral’s mobile app and enterprise dashboard enables customers to manage access to properties, save energy, coordinate staff, and manage security measures.

Valnes WebLock is an online door locking system that allows property managers to automate and simplify their guest’s experience. They do this by simplifying their hardware and providing a sleek, simple cloud platform that is intuitive for both guests and staff.

Once check-in is completed, guests receive a unique, time-sensitive pin code to access their room. This keyless method is simple and effective, and Valnes is compatible with most of the best Airbnb smart locks out there.

Akiles offer an ecosystem of products, from cylinders to locks, to controllers and gateways, allowing customers to strike a deeper synergy between software and hardware. With Akiles Cloud you can open and close doors, register users, assign reservations, schedules, and keys centrally, remotely, and instantly.

Akiles is also equipped to deal with any bumps in the road; if your guests do not have Internet, have lost their phone, or the property’s wifi is down, their devices allow access with a one-person code that guests can use at any time.

Enso Connect is a dynamic guest experience platform for vacation rentals that seamlessly plugs into Guesty and helps personalize and monetize interactions all along the guest journey.

The platform is designed to be hardware agnostic, so supports many of the best smart locks for Airbnbs, and they are even open to integration requests if you’re current Airbnb door lock doesn’t feature.

Jervis Systems makes it simple to securely and inexpensively incorporate remote access and automation capabilities into your property management service. Jervis Systems can be easily connected to your existing smart locks and garage doors, automating access for guests, cleaning companies, friends, and family. 

Jervis Systems connect to existing smart locks to enable remote access and automation

Calirom’s recently released solution Sensoo is a complete room automation solution for vacation rentals and hotels that transforms a simple building into a smart one. 

Their access control solution is a QR/RFID reader specially developed for rooms, elevators, common areas, and parking barriers, making it the best smart lock for Airbnbs that are located in apartment buildings, or multi-unit complexes.

Tedee is Europe’s smallest, strongest, and most innovative Airbnb smart lock. Their smart lock is an electronic device that can be installed on the inside of any door without screws, drilling, or running cables.

The mobile app and web portal replaces traditional keys, allowing property managers to host smartly with keyless check-ins and automated access management, making the whole experience more convenient for guests, cleaners, and property managers.

Loopkey offers a simple, modernly designed smart lock for Airbnbs, that provides a wide variety of ways for guests to access their environment, from phones and apple watches, to codes, tags, and biometrics.

And in conjunction with their mobile app and software solution, they provide the complete ecosystem for property managers to have absolute control of when and who has access to their Airbnb.


What features should I look for in a smart lock for my Airbnb?

For Airbnb rentals, prioritize smart locks with unique temporary access codes for each guest, ensuring codes expire post-stay to maintain security. Connectivity is also vital; Wi-Fi-enabled locks allow remote monitoring of property access. If your rental uses smart home technology, consider locks that integrate with these systems for added convenience. Some locks also offer the ability to send automated messages to guests or cleaning crews based on lock activity, enhancing communication efficiency.

How do smart locks enhance property security?

Smart locks enhance security by providing unique access codes that expire after a guest’s stay, preventing unauthorized access. Models with built-in alarms alert hosts to potential unauthorized entry attempts. These locks often feature encryption and tamper resistance, further securing your property against intrusions.

Can smart locks be managed remotely?

Yes, Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks can be managed remotely, allowing hosts to monitor who enters and exits the property in real-time. This remote management is particularly useful for overseeing access to your Airbnb, ensuring only authorized individuals, such as guests and maintenance staff, can enter.

What challenges might I face with smart locks, and how can I address them?

Installation challenges can arise, especially with compatibility with specific door types or existing deadbolts. To mitigate these issues, choose locks known for their easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of doors. Connectivity issues, particularly with Wi-Fi-dependent models, can also occur; opting for locks with reliable customer support can help address these challenges promptly.

How can I ensure the smart lock is easy for guests to use?

To ensure ease of use for guests, provide clear, concise instructions on operating the smart lock. Choose models that offer multiple access methods, like codes, smartphone apps, or even fingerprint recognition, catering to different guest preferences. Testing the lock before guest arrival and being available to address any questions or concerns can also significantly enhance the guest experience.

Final Thoughts

That’s the rundown on all things Airbnb smart locks. We’ve covered the background and basics, gone through some housekeeping around smart lock installation, and addressed the challenge of teaching your guests to use them.  We answered some FAQs, and finally went through an extensive list of the very best smart locks for Airbnbs that are currently on the market.

Looking to improve your guests’ experiences? It could be time to think, smarter.

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