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Task Management

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Prioritize tasks, collaborate seamlessly, and never miss a beat. With Guesty's task management tools, you'll stay on top of your to-do list and keep every detail in check.

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Empowering hospitality businesses with powerful task management

Visualize and centralize tasks

Maintain control over your operations by tracking all tasks in one organized workspace — no more logging into multiple platforms or juggling various communication sources.

Improve team collaboration

Easily prioritize, delegate, and set clear ownership of tasks to ensure everything gets done on time. Receive real-time updates and communicate in context to keep everyone in the loop.

Work the way you want

Customize your task management tools to fit your needs. With flexible views and filters, gain insights on the progress your team is making on every task.

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A wide range of tools for
your task management needs

Recurring tasks

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks. From check-out cleanings and check-in inspections to preventive maintenance, set up recurring tasks to be generated and assigned after specific triggering events or on a schedule.

Manual tasks

Create and handle unique, one-time tasks with ease. Prioritize your assignments, guaranteeing attention to every detail. Assignees are automatically notified when you manually add a task — leaving no room for oversight.

Mobile task management

Stay productive on the go with Guesty’s native mobile app. Access and manage tasks from any device, ensuring you and your team are responsive and efficient no matter where you are.

Time frames

Keep your team organized and on track. Specify whether a task has a defined start time or a flexible time frame and ensure that everything gets done when it needs to.

Frequently asked questions

What are some examples of triggering events that can set auto-tasks in motion?

Events that trigger guest management tasks can be reservation or calendar-based.

Reservation-based events include check-ins, checkouts, planned arrivals or departures, and reservation confirmations. Additional triggers related to the property availability may also be used, such as first availability in a row or end of rental period.

What fields are included in each task card?

Each time a task is created, you may add the following to the assignment card:

  • Title (required)
  • Description
  • Duration (required)
  • Priority level
  • Checklist
  • Assignee
  • Supervisor
  • Attachment

Automation upon task completion

Is the employee mobile task management app separate from the main Guesty app?

No, the task management software is a feature included in the main app. However, your employees will only be able to view the task management portion of the app, so all other information will remain accessible to you alone (and whomever else you deem relevant).

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