Receptionists Go Back

Our dedicated team of receptionists works 24/7 to manually handle all guest engagement and to maintain full coverage of your Airbnb account. We personally manage and nurture your guests throughout their Airbnb lifecycle, from first interactions to screenings to booking approvals to reviews.



Screen Guests And Approve Inquiries

Do you usually decline inquiries of guests with pets? Define your own screening preferences so our team will know which inquiries to accept and which to decline.

  • Super Fast Response

    Our team of receptionists will answer the inquiry within minutes (no more than 1 hour).

  • Follow Your Screening Preferences

    The receptionist will compare each inquiry with your screening checklist to see if it matches your criteria.

  • Approve An Inquiry

    Given that the inquiry passes your screening, the receptionist can either approve it right away or ask for your confirmation to do so.

  • Decline An Inquiry

    If the inquiry doesn't match your criteria, the receptionist will decline it on your behalf.

  • Name
  • Never Answer The Same Questions Again

    You only need to tell us once. When a guest asks a question to which you have already supplied us an answer, we will store your answer and send it to him/her for you.

  • 24/7 Guest Support

    A guest has a question early in the morning or late at night? Our team is available 24/7 to answer questions regarding your listing, handle emergencies, or simply guide your guests to a local bar or the closest public transportation.

  • Saved Replies

    Our receptionists use the saved replies system to store your answers to commonly asked questions. So, once you supply us with an answer to a typical guest question, you’ll never have to address it again..

Keep It Personal

Looking to keep your booking experience personalized? Use our "white label" feature to have the team of receptionists impersonate the host.

  • Write Reviews 

    Do you use a certain format when writing reviews? Give our receptionists your guidelines so they'll be able to write your reviews for you, while keeping them tailored to your needs. 

  • White Label

    Customize the way our receptionists sign off and interact with your guests. If you wish, the receptionists can impersonate the sender as your friend, co-host, or even yourself.


  • 24/7 Team of Professional Receptionists

    The personal touch of our customer service team allows you to stay responsive while maintaining a professional Airbnb business. Our receptionists are available for your guests around the clock to guarantee full-service, full-time.

  • Name
  • One Hour Response Time
  • Super Fast Response Time

    All communication – from inquiries to guests' questions to requests – is handled within an hour. Quick response times increase search rankings, closed bookings, and keep your guests happy. 

    Our team saves all of the data you send us and creates your profile. This is how we can guarantee that we will professionally and accurately answer any question your guests may have.

  • Guest Screening

    As part of your sign up, we will ask you to highlight the necessary qualifications (such as level of verification) and criteria (such as age or purpose of trip) of your ideal guests. From then on, we’ll screen your inquiries to find only the the guests you feel comfortable with.

  • Screening Preferences

“The service is invaluable. It’s certainly a solution that enables us to focus on our properties while their gallant team of professionals focus' on guest communications.”  

- Gregory W.

  • Name
  • Booking Confirmations, Approvals, Rejections

    Depending on your preferences, we can either approve booking requests on your behalf or notify you as they come in. We will then use the information you supplied during registration to give your guests everything they need

    The more information you give us, the more we can supply for your guests. This can be directions from the airport, check in instructions, or recommendations for sightseeing in the city.

  • Saved Replies

    Saved Replies are pre-written answers to questions commonly asked by your guests. Every answer you send us will be saved and used  by our receptionists in any form of guest communication: from inquiry, to request, to support. Saved Replies allow us to manualy respond to recurring questions on behalf of the host, exactly as you would answer them.

  • Saved Replies

How Are Saved Replies Customized?

Your first Saved Replies are created and customized when you fill out the questionnaire at sign up. Over time, our team will manually update and optimize your responses according to frequent questions asked by guests and new information supplied by hosts.

Like Hooks, Saved Replies can easily be created and updated by you. Using the Guesty Dashboard interface, you can create, edit and remove Saved Replies that will be used by our team of receptionists. Every Saved Reply can then be assigned to one or multiple listings, depending on its relevancy.

  • Writing Your Reviews

    Some of the platforms ask for the host to review the guests. Guesty's receptionists can also handle all of your guests' reviews based on our experience, or simply follow your own specific guidelines. Yet another tedious hosting duty lifted off your shoulders.

  • Name
  • White Label
  • White Label Impersonation

    By default, when answering your guests, Guesty will state that we are helping you manage your listing. The white label feature allows you to instruct the receptionists to answer the guests under your own name, or anyone else you might want them to impersonate. This way, you are able to enjoy Guesty's service while preserving your guests' personal experience.