Pricelabs is an innovative and easy to use revenue management solution for vacation and short-term rentals. Over the last few years, Pricelabs have perfected the art and science of vacation rental pricing to give you the best rate possible for every night. Pricelabs data-driven pricing approach scans your market for supply and demand trends to automate pricing, while at the same time gives you many customization options to suit your needs.

Integration features include:

  • Import your Guesty properties
  • Choose which properties to manage in Pricelabs
  • Import your Guesty pricing and pricing history
  • Automatically update prices in Guesty based on Pricelabs’ suggested rates (daily)
  • Automatically update minimum nights settings in Guesty based on rules set up in Pricelabs (daily)
  • Manage multi-unit property pricing as well as single-unit property pricing

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