Disclaimer: insurance information below is provided by Pikl, a licensed insurance agency. Please click “website” for more information about Pikl.

Pikl are an award-winning broker backed by a panel of top UK insurers. Pikl specializes in Host Insurance, which protects you while you are letting out your property, room or annex on a short term basis. Most traditional household or landlord insurance won’t provide cover for sharing or short letting, so hosts are often left with nowhere to turn if something does happen. That could mean no cover for any claims related to your guest, such as:

• Injury
• Theft
• Accidental or malicious damage
• Damage to surrounding properties
• Legal cover if a guest brings a claim against you

Pikl offer a range of flexible and affordable options:

•Flexible Host Insurance products to cover your specific sharing needs
•Cover available annually or by the day
•All in one plans – a peace of mind complete package including primary household, landlord or holiday home insurance

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