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Hotel Operations Platform to help teams automate and collaborate

From housekeeping to maintenance and beyond, we’ve helped transform hundreds of properties across the world with our intuitive platform.

Our Hotel Operations Platform let’s your team exchange information, resolve issues, and ensure things get done. Flexkeeping connects departments (from Housekeeping to Maintenance), organizes workflows, informs you about everything that’s happening in your properties, and provides meaningful analytics to keep your operations running smoothly.

The benefits of using Flexkeeping with Guesty

  • Unlock productivity and efficiency with easy automations
  • Allow teams to walk less and do more by optimizing movement. Let staff communicate with ease by supercharging collaboration.
  • Become more strategic with actionable analytics

Integration Features

  • Guesty listings automatically synced
  • Upcoming Guesty reservations and guest information automatically imported
  • Users can select to update cleaning statuses in Guesty