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Make your listing stand out with eye-catching artworks that will keep guests talking

Theodora provides hosts with the ideal artworks for their space, vision, and budget. We use works by the best contemporary artists to bring local flair, inspire and delight, and to increase positive guest experiences, resulting in great reviews, and ultimately, returning guests.

Scope of services includes:
• Research and review of culture/art trends.
• Personalization for tastes and spaces.
• Art concept development
• Art Sourcing and procuring
• Project Management & Budgeting
• Custom Printing & Framing
• International shipping

We pride ourselves on finding distinctive and suitable artwork solutions that work with any budget. We firmly adhere to our client’s budget requirements for every project.

Click “”Website”” to contact us for a complimentary consultation, where we can discuss your project and provide expert advice on transofrming your space from great to incredible!

The benefits of using THEODORA with Guesty

  • Artworks enhance the visual ambiance, create an inviting and memorable atmosphere, and contribute to the overall guest experience and satisfaction
  • Competitive edge
    Artworks set a property apart from others, attracting more bookings and potentially commanding higher rental rates
  • Art as a marketing tool: Guests share their art-filled stays on social media, turning the property into a unique brand platform