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AI, Software, & Humans to Automate Cleaning & Maintenance

TIDY uses a combination of AI, best-in-class software, and our human concierge team to allow you to automate the cleaning and maintenance of your properties.

Need a job done? TIDY can take care of it.
Want to put cleanings on autopilot? TIDY has you covered.
Want to automate invoicing, payments, alerts, and access control for your vendors? TIDY is great for all this.

We have over 4,000 integrations and thousands of automation options to help your team dramatically improve your cleaning and maintenance operations.

We are so confident you will love us, try TIDY for a free cleaning.

The benefits of using TIDY with Guesty

  • Automate cleaning & maintenance at your properties. With thousands of ways to customize things.
  • Instantly book and request cleaning and maintenance jobs. Use our network to supplement yours.
  • Our human concierge team works for you. Have them complete regular or one-time tasks for you or guests: 24/7.

Integration Features

  • Sync your list of properties and units from Guesty into TIDY
  • Sync your guest check-ins and outs, so you can automate turnovers
  • Push data back into Guesty as your workflows require. Customized to you!