Build a strong bond with your customers. Hotelappz is the next-generation apartment / hospitality CRM and Marketing Automation technology. Know your customers, retain guests, and boost direct bookings. Automate the process and never miss a lead again.
  • Automatically build your own customer database
  • Build brand awareness with easy to create campaigns
  • Customize booking confirmations, pre-stay, welcome messages, & upsells with best-in-class message automations
  • Easily setup segmented marketing communications and multi-channel dynamic retargeting
  • Automatically collect all guest emails from your Wifi, website, chatbot or social networks
  • Easily connect with the Hospitality Tech eco-system with Powerful Open API
  • Easy to set up, two-way integration with Guesty
  • Synchronize and de-duplicate guest profiles, reservations history, Guesty Inbox messages and listings

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