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AI-powered guest messaging & analytics platform. Make your guest interactions effortless. Gain valuable insights. Save time.

Guest communication is key to a successful business, but there’s a catch! Writing replies from scratch is extremely time-consuming. PrimeHost’s All-in-One AI Assistant is trained on your property to help you serve guests efficiently and gain insights from your most valuable source: Guest messages. Backed by leading investors in the STR industry, our mission is simple: Make your guest interactions effortless.

The benefits of using Primehost with Guesty

  • High quality responses: Learns from past conversations & instantly generates answers for all your daily communication.
  • Emergency & Action alerts: Makes it easier than ever to prioritise your time.
  • Real-time Analytics: Reports back with real time guest data insights that will help you make more informative decisions

Integration Features

  • Listings
  • Reservation
  • Inbox communications