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Ensure quiet and smoke free stays combined with comprehensive guest screening and incident reports to effectively enforce rules.

Alertify optimizes property management by pre-arrival guest upselling and ID collection, coupled with vigilant real-time monitoring for noise, smoking, and unauthorized parties. Benefit from detailed incident reports to effectively manage guest, OTA, and credit card dispute resolutions, ensuring both guest satisfaction and property protection.

The benefits of using Alertify with Guesty

  • Streamlines guest management with pre-arrival ID collection and upselling, enhancing stay experiences.
  • Offers vigilant, real-time monitoring for noise, smoking, and parties, ensuring property safety.
  • Supports dispute resolution with detailed post-incident reports, simplifying claim substantiation.

Integration Features

  • Automatically send guest alerts for violations, often resolving issues without manager intervention.
  • Generates and sends a portal link via Guesty for guest ID/selfie collection and upselling, streamlining the check-in process.
  • Extracts guest data from Guesty for detailed incident reports, linking violations to specific guests.