We offer digital legal guest registrations (Meldezettel) and authority reporting for accommodations in Austria. It also includes the fast and easy calculation of the legally required night statistics and taxes (Nächtigungs-Statistik, Tourismus-Statistik, Ortstaxen). Everything automatically created within several minutes, instead of hours of calculating it registration by registration. We do have data transmission for Statistik Austria, Feratel and Gemeinde Wien integrated (available at no additional cost). We work totally autonomous of booking softwares and are easy to set up – so start now to welcome your guests contactless and flexible in time.

Integration features include:

• Easily import your Guesty listings
• See guest registration link with ability to add it to your Guesty automated messages
• See the status of registration on your Guesty reservation
• See the status and direct link to the registration form in Guesty Unified Inbox


0,40 € to 1 € per registration, depending on usage.

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