Get started

Custom built WordPress websites that can handle the growth of your business by directly connecting to Guesty’s booking engine

Boostly is done for your WordPress Website: synced with your Guesty booking engine; you’ll have a ‘mini OTA website’, where your future guests will visit and book a stay directly with you.

The benefits of using Boostly with Guesty

  • Website Management: to ensure all systems are-go, and always running smoothly
  • Boostly 3.0 is fully ChatGPT enabled – you can use AI from inside your Boostly website to help create content
  • The Boostly Academy, a CPD accredited marketing course to help you grow your business

Integration Features

  • All your listings and their pricing and availability in Guesty sync with your website
  • Any reservation created will be immediately displayed in Guesty for you to start managing it