Properly is a powerful all-in-one solution for property managers and hosts to easily manage short-term vacation rental housekeeping. With the Properly tool, not only do users import property details, listing photos, and bookings, but they can also easily schedule service providers and turnover jobs, as well as custom visual checklists with step-by-step guides for housekeepers to follow and tasks to complete.

Features include:
• Custom Visual Checklist: Create powerful standard operating procedures to stay in compliance and achieve high-quality turnovers.
• Skills Library: access a series of best practices, standard operating procedures, and courses to always stay in compliance.
• Pro Marketplace: Find qualified cleaners who know the correct way to complete essential cleaning and disinfection tasks.
• Real-Time Visibility: See and log exactly when your cleaners arrive, start, and complete tasks.
• Remote Inspection: Ensure the perfect housekeeping by having your cleaner supported by a team of experts who will provide real-time instant feedback.

Integration features include:
• Import listing details and photos
• Import bookings

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