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Effortless key exchanges and tracking for short-term hosts

Streamline key exchanges with Keycafe’s cloud-based platform. Automate check-ins, track access in real-time, and ensure authorized entry. Expandable to support any number of keys. Simplify management, integrate with existing systems, and enjoy 24/7 access. No more key hassles, just efficient control from anywhere.

The benefits of using Keycafe with Guesty

  • Automated check-ins and real-time tracking of access. Ensures authorized entry only, granting access to trusted guests, staff, or contractors
  • Expandable to support any number of keys, providing scalability as needed
  • Cloud-based platform accessible from anywhere, allowing easy management and control of key exchanges

Integration Features

  • Guests are easily granted key access every time a booking is created, by sending the relevant access code to Guesty automatically
  • Automate guest communication for access instructions, we will push the communication through Guesty’s unified inbox
  • Get alerted in real-time when keys are picked up or dropped off to monitor cleaning, arrivals, and departures: all alerts in sync with GUesty’s inbox.