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Ultimate, affordable, and user-friendly vehicle access control system for seamless gate management and effortless access control

Seamlessly grant guests access permissions to your property’s garage doors, parking lots, and building garages.

Our cloud-based solution offers an easy-to-use app or, if you prefer, an app-less approach. Easily set up and manage access, with automatic granting or revoking based on Guesty reservations.

Your guests can effortlessly park their cars, while installation remains hassle-free for you, and daily operation requires no effort on your part.

Set up in minutes and free yourself from managing remote control losses and provisioning third-party access control systems.

The benefits of using GateGoing with Guesty

  • Use existing gate openers or receive our advice on purchasing reliable, low-cost units
  • Achieve seamless access control based on Guesty reservations
  • Guests receive convenient usage instructions via email, SMS, and WhatsApp

Integration Features

  • GateGoing reads listigs and reservations from Guesty so guests can be let in the properties they have rented