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The most secure way to share keys with guests and cleaners – remotely

KeyNest is a cost-effective way to enable your guests to self-check in and share key access with cleaners and contractors. Drop off your keys at your nearest 24/7 KeyNest Point and manage access remotely. With 5,000 Points available, KeyNest is always available nearby your property. Track your key status online anytime via our handy KeyNest App.

The benefits of using KeyNest with Guesty

  • Available 24/7: 24-hour call and chat support, KeyNest Points are open 7 days a week
  • Provide secure access to keys: without the need to install expensive hardware or travel on-site
  • Compatible with any property: even apartments with communal entrance

Integration Features

  • Share key access straight from your Guesty dashboard
  • Automatically generate key collection codes and send them to guests and cleaners via Guesty