Chekin helps hosts automate the entire check-in process from the booking confirmation till the check-out. Allowing them to save time, money and comply with the legal requirements by managing everything online: guests registration and identification, online payments, remote access, data sending to authorities, selling tools available and much more.

Automatically collect all necessary documentation from guests, direct relevant information to the authorities and allow guests to check-in online ahead of time.

Features include:

  • Guest self-registration
  • Travel document scans for face to face check-ins
  • Automatic reporting to local authorities
  • Storage and organization of guest information according to local regulations

Integration features include:

  • Imports your Guesty listings
  • Imports upcoming Guesty reservations
  • Allows sending registration links with Guesty automated messages
  • Updates registration status in Guesty
  • Updates collected information in Guesty

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