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Say goodbye to keys and hello to smart access control. Send access codes to guests automatically from anywhere.

RemoteLock’s universal access control platform offers the convenience and control that hosts need to manage access to their properties while giving guests the convenient keyless entry they want. Trusted by property managers around the world, RemoteLock integrates with industry-leading smart locks, popular booking sites, and property management systems like Guesty so hosts can automate access and eliminate the hassle of keys for good.

The benefits of using RemoteLock with Guesty

  • No more lost keys.
    Say goodbye to lock boxes, impromptu key handoffs and replacements. With unique, self-expiring access codes, your guests will never be locked out.
  • Automate access credentials for guests. Automatically generate self-expiring access codes for each guest when they book and remotely manage access for all users.
  • Manage everything from a single dashboard. Our centralized dashboard makes it easy to manage access to all your properties from a single place.

Integration Features

  • Automatically create guest access codes when you import your Guesty reservations
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