Guesty X RemoteLock: An Automatic Success

August 13, 2020 |
RemoteLock X Guesty 

Meet RemoteLock

As the inventor of the first universal access control platform, RemoteLock is setting the standard for how vacation rental hosts can ditch the traditional key drop and stay in control of who comes and goes on their properties from anywhere in the world. 

With headquarters in Denver, Colorado, the company offers easy-to-use, scalable, and future-proof software that provides hosts with a complete solution to automate property access. RemoteLock’s platform offers the convenience and control that hosts need while enhancing the guest experience by sparing them the inconvenience of coordinating precisely-timed key exchanges and offering them greater flexibility when it comes to check-in and check-out.

Guesty X RemoteLock: How This Partnership Led to Record Growth in 2020, Eclipsing 2018 & 2019 Combined

RemoteLock X Guesty 

RemoteLock developed a strong foundation in the vacation rental market from its inception. The integration with Guesty’s property management software continues to offer popular functionality for users looking to further streamline access control and total business operations. 

The seamless integration syncs all data regarding upcoming bookings as well as guests’ contact information across both platforms. Together, Guesty and RemoteLock provide hosts with complete control of their rental business – from booking online to opening the front door. 

Rental managers can automatically send guests self-expiring access codes that work only when and where they should, monitor when guests arrive and depart, and track housekeeping and maintenance services. “Vacation rental and multi-family property managers alike love how easy it is to automatically generate self-expiring access codes for all of their guests,” says Barclay Friesen, EVP of Business Development at RemoteLock.


Guesty X RemoteLock: H

The Results

“Not only is our direct integration with Guesty an easy way for our customers to save time and offer the utmost convenience,” adds Friesen, “but it also meets guest demand for contactless check-in that was fueled by the pandemic and is likely here to stay.”

One vacation rental customer was able to reduce its monthly workload by 20 hours thanks to the Guesty and RemoteLock partnership. Another multi-family unit user has leveraged Guesty’s software to provide home-sharing as a service to its tenants – empowering them to rent out their unoccupied apartments as short-term rentals with a high ROI. In addition, short-term rental property managers have been able to generate new revenue sources off of vacant apartments by listing them on Guesty.

RemoteLock’s integration with Guesty is already being used by hundreds of users, managing tens of thousands of listings across various channel managers including Airbnb, Vrbo, and more.

Being able to offer a direct integration with Guesty’s industry-leading features

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