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Get more from your vacation rentals. VayKLife helps your guests create their perfect vacation and keeps your calendars full.

Get more out of your vacation rentals with VayKLife. Together, our vacation services and Smart Rebooking Engine help your guests customize their perfect getaway and keep them coming back to your properties year after year. Our partners typically realize $1,000 in new annual VRM profit per property, with no extra work or investment on their part. Differentiate your listings for more reservations and build guest loyalty through enhanced experiences!

The benefits of using VayKLife with Guesty

  • Generate new revenue – typically, $1,000/property/year – with no added expense.
  • Build guest loyalty through customized vacation experiences.
  • Grow your brand through the additional marketing efforts of VayKLife.

Integration Features

  • Reservation details quickly synced
  • Guest contact information available.
  • Stay types, to reach the right audience the right moment.