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Rented’s Automated Rate Tool (Art) provides dynamic pricing with powerful tools in an easy-to-use platform.

Meet Art, the Automated Revenue Tool! Rented’s dynamic pricing software for vacation rentals is built by industry pros for industry pros. Art helps rental managers set the right price for every property, every night. We know that no piece of software will replace your expertise, but Art will help you and your team save time, stay in control, and price confidently.

The benefits of using Rented with Guesty

  • Rented’s Automated Rate Tool delivers dynamic pricing recommendations, helps you make informed adjustments, and automatically updates your rates with direct integration to Guesty, and major booking channels.
  • You’ll benefit from advanced pricing models, simple yet powerful customization tools, and easy setup and onboarding.

Integration Features

  • Automatically updates your rates with direct integration to Guesty