Seamless, Secure, Successful: New Airbnb Host Tools

Airbnb Host Tools - Guesty

At the Airbnb Open, the company announced the development and launch of a few new features to ensure seamless and secure experiences for every type of guest, as well as successful bookings for every type of host. Here’s a rundown of Airbnb’s new features that are now setting sail.

Seamless Business Travel

As their Business Travel Program begins to really take off, Airbnb decided to release a new ‘Business Travel Ready’ Badge as a way for guests to quickly identify listings that fit into certain criteria for business stays. To qualify, a listing must have the tools necessary for professionals to work (and to look good while doing it): WiFi, a designated desk or place to work, a hair dryer, and an iron. In short, the place has to be equipped to ensure that the guest have the flexibility to comfortably work from their Airbnb place or to conduct meetings and business events during their stay.

Business trips are a unique kind of travel, as travel plans typically must be secured far in advance, and deadlines and meetings typically flood the itineraries. That’s why Airbnb requires that reservations be honored by hosts for at least the week leading up to the check-in date; no cancellations are permitted within seven days before the booking. And all business is smooth sailing from there.

Secure Check-In

The new Airbnb “Host Assist” tool allows easy entry management without hosts needing to administer in-person key exchanges themselves. Airbnb will help hosts save time and energy by working with various electronic lock companies, smart lock applications, and key concierge services. With this new key collaboration, Airbnb guests can easily check-in and Airbnb hosts can easily relax.

Successful Bookings

It’s no news that Airbnb has been developing their smart pricing tool for quite a few months already. But what is making the headlines is the newest progress on this pricing feature: a winning combination of smart suggestions, host preferences, and automatic adjustments.

In short, Airbnb will use locality, competitive market, and amenities to suggest the best charge for each listing. Then, the host will indicate a range of the amounts at which they’d like to charge their guests for each listing, from lowest possible floor to highest possible ceiling. Once the smart tool is turned on, optimal listing charges will be calculated and adjustments will be made at any appropriate time while the listing is active. Now, hosts can better fill their spaces and truly get the most out of each listing.


These new features are complemented by resources to help create stronger hosts and a stronger host network than ever before. The new Community Center will help hosts connect with each other and with Airbnb. The new Mentor Program will provide community-driven host support and will both encourage and reward host-to-host mentor initiatives. And the new booking request view will include a photo of the requester, to help hosts get to know and screen their guests more easily.


All recent developments are topped with a host dashboard makeover to allow hosts to easily review their activity and progress. As for a host dashboard that allows hosts to easily draw insight from their activity and progress, well, we’ve taken care of that.

If you’re interested in learning more about property management and discovering the many ways Guesty's platform can help your business, we invite you to a free one-on-one session with one of our experts.

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