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How to Increase Property Revenue With Upselling and Cross-Selling

October 10, 2019 |

Many accommodation providers invest a lot of time and effort in revenue management in order to enhance income per rental, yet there are additional ways that can prove extremely useful in increasing revenue per guest that are often overlooked.

In this article, we will highlight some ideas for upselling and cross-selling that will help increase your revenue and improve the guest experience you offer.

Offer your guests early check-ins and late check-outs

Even slower days present opportunities to increase revenue per guest with upsells and cross-selling, starting from the very basic offer of early check-ins or late check-outs. 

Many guests arrive earlier than their check-in time or have a flight departing after check-out hours, and would be happy to enjoy a bit of extra vacation time. Selling these options to your guests will not only allow you to generate more revenue, but also allow you to provide a valuable service to your guests. These opportunities might even be easier to take advantage of during slower days since operations and housekeeping are easier to manage, but there are tools to help you seamlessly offer early check-ins to your guests year-round. 

Early check-ins and late check-outs are a great way to generate more revenue from the same occupancy rate, allowing you to maximize revenue.

Offer local advice

Guests love getting a feel of the local community while traveling, which is why offering local advice and tips to guests is a great way to elevate the guest experience and generate more revenue at the same time. 

Since you are familiar with the activities and experiences in your destination, take it to the next level and collaborate with local businesses around you and offer your guests additional in-destination services. It’s a great way to increase guest satisfaction. Whether you’re working with a local tour operator to offer unforgettable activities or simply working with local transportation services in order to ensure your guests arrive at your property more easily, offering these local connections will no doubt prove to be helpful to both yourself and your guests. Use your knowledge to your guests’ advantage and start sharing recommendations and activities.

Make it easier to book upsells

While offering services to your guests is no doubt the first step in increasing revenue from upselling and cross-selling, the best way to make sure your guests can fully enjoy these offers is to make it as easy as possible to reserve them. 

Make sure to provide a proper description, photos and detailed information of the extra services you offer and make the purchase process extra easy by accepting payments online and ensure an optimal conversion rate for your upsells.

Listen to your guests

By listening to your guests’ inquiries and reviews and by contacting them ahead of time and improving guest communication, you will be able to understand exactly what are the additional services or extra something your guests are already looking for. Your guests’ needs can include anything from grocery shopping, family game night kits, romantic welcome packs or a session with a photographer. These special upsells can be tailored to your guests’ needs and complete the guest experience you wish to provide.

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Wishbox is a guest experience platform that allows hosts to tap the true potential of guest communication, save time and increase revenue from every guest. Wishbox solutions include online check-in, a guest app, upsells, review management, document scans, pre-scheduled messages & more.

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