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INFOGRAPHIC: Domestic Travel Across the World Is on the Rise

June 20, 2021 |

Domestic travel is on the rise and is outperforming 2020 and pre-Covid 2019 reservation volumes. And that is just the beginning. Despite restrictions being lifted and rapid vaccine distribution on the rise globally, travelers continue to prefer making domestic reservations, and they are not only making them further in advance than ever before but they are willing to pay higher prices for them too. 

Property management companies across the world had to pivot and adjust their business models to meet the growing demand of travelers wanting to stay local, and for some it was easier than others. In the US, this was already common practice for vacationers to travel cross country, hence recovery taking place sooner. In the UK and Australia, this was more challenging since it was less mainstream for travellers to stay closer to home – many hosts had to dramatically change their marketing strategies

One thing is for certain, the desire to travel is strong and continuing to grow. While travelers may  be limited or unable to fly abroad, that won’t hold them back from new, more nearby experiences.

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