Here are Some of the Best, Remote Vacation Rentals in the USA For Your Next Staycation

July 20, 2020 |

COVID-19 has caused many tourists to alter travel plans they may have originally had for 2020. After an uptick in domestic travel as several regions worldwide begin to recover, we are seeing travellers across the US looking to use up untouched vacation days and escape crowded cities. 

Staycations – vacations within driving distance of your home – are quickly becoming the preferred choice for those who are still looking to take a summer trip. It’s not surprising – even before coronavirus, staycations were a growing trend in the US with more than half of all Americans having taken one.

In lieu of not being able to take that trip abroad, we have put together a list of the top staycation properties, managed by property management companies using Guesty, across America, for anyone looking for a remote and scenic getaway.

Contact-Free Stays in The Great Outdoors

Travellers are rightfully concerned about face-to-face interactions right now and prefer to limit exposure with others. This means that hosts hoping to attract summer staycationers should be offering tech-forward and contact-free stays, utilizing keyless entry solutions and contactless check-in procedures to remote staff management tools and automated communication

Hoste, a property management company with over 100 listings in Colorado, offers guests the perfect outdoorsy and socially conscious alternative to a big city vacation. All properties are located in Colorado Springs, a quick drive from national parks near the Rocky Mountains, including the picturesque Garden Of The Gods

Hoste, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Understanding guest concerns over health and safety, Hoste offers contact-free experiences across all their listings. The properties are private homes – there are no shared spaces for guests – which minimizes concern over “high-touch” surfaces such as doorknobs or dining room tables. In addition, all Hoste properties are equipped with keyless entry systems and self check-in technology, making this staycation experience completely contact-free.

An Elevated Camping Experience

For those looking for a bit more of an adventurous staycation, property management company Tentrr offers camping accommodations – from traditional camping to more deluxe glamping experience. With over 800 campsites across 40 US states, Tentrr properties are easily accessible for guests looking to stay within driving distance of their home. The campgrounds are wide, secluded outdoor spaces thus limiting a guest’s exposure with other travellers and staff – ideal for families or cityscapers looking to explore the great outdoors, while also practicing safe social-distancing measures. 

Tentrr, Bloomville, New York

Extended Staycations

Whether it’s frontline workers who need a temporary place to live that’s close to work and away from family members, “cityscapers” heading to rural areas to isolate or families looking for more outdoor space, many travelers of today are booking rentals for extended periods of 28 days or more. 

D. Alexander, a hospitality company with primary markets in Florida, Tennessee and Arizona, has made impressive upgrades to their rental packages to accommodate the needs of these long-term staycationers. The company provides guests with the amenities they need for extended stays including professional cleaning, personal care products, and renters’ insurance. Additionally, D. Alexander has adapted to the changes of COVID-19 by providing more flexible scheduling, length of stay and cancellation policies. Currently, D. Alexander offers a wide variety of experiences, ranging from tropical to mountainous locations.

D. Alexander, Sedona, Arizona

Enhance Your Work-From-Home Environment

COVID-19 has also resulted in the rise of digital nomads – the millennial, connected traveler, who is looking for remote stays that can also provide functional and comfortable work from home environments. Colorado-based, High Rocky Homes provides the ideal short-term rentals for these “super-connected” guests looking for an authentic outdoor experience amid the new normal. All properties are equipped with high-speed WiFi and breathtaking, Instagram-worthy views. The many hiking trails located around High Rocky Homes’ 50+ locations across the state present the opportunity for this travel persona to take a break from their busy work schedules and enjoy the serenity of nature over the hustle and bustle of a crowded city. 

And for any digital nomad heading over to the West Coast this summer, Oregon-based BookAirHop offers Wi-Fi enabled, tech-forward stays coupled with personalized, concierge-level support. Their professional advisors can assist guests in booking day-trip adventures, so digital nomads can explore renowned West Coast attractions while on their lunch break. 

Staycation On-The-Go

For those tourists in the south or others looking for a road trip this summer, Kenneth Wheeler’s Cargo Home rentals in Waco, Texas may be the solution, providing hospitality on-the-go coupled with a unique staycation experience. Kenneth’s properties – tiny, private cargo containers, some of which come on wheels – are essentially luxury vacation homes allowing guests to safely explore different areas, while avoiding the hassle of reserving various rentals.

CargoHome, Waco, Texas

Each of the rentals comes with a kitchenette, avoiding the potential health risks of dining at restaurants. With high-speed WiFi and private workspaces, these accommodations are also suitable for working from home “on-the-go.” 

Adapting the Staycation Trend to the New Normal 

COVID-19 has caused many property management companies to make the necessary changes to ensure that guests are not only safe but also comfortable. From implementing additional health and safety measures and incorporating flexible business models, to providing high-speed WiFi and scenic views, these secluded rentals will exceed your summer staycation expectations.

For more content on short-term rentals amidst COVID-19, take a look at our Coronavirus Infocenter.

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