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INFOGRAPHIC: Staycations to Trend in the UK This Summer, But Will Come at a Higher Cost for Travellers

February 07, 2021 |
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Staycations will trend in the UK this summer, especially with international travel restrictions potentially largely still in place. And it looks like those who do staycation in the region will pay on average, 50% more, and likely stay longer than they have in the past.

UK Staycationers are Booking Longer Stays

  • The average Q1 2021 booking is 9.1 days long, more than a 100% longer than that of Q1 2020
  • Extended stays are also up: 
    2 weeks or more
    – 2020: 14+ day reservations comprised 8% of total reservations booked
    – 2021: 14+ day reservations comprise 14% of total reservations booked
    Stays of one month
    – 2020: Month-long stays comprised 4% of total reservations booked
    – 2021: Month-long stays comprise 7% ot total reservations booked

In total, UK 2021 summer reservation volume (June, July & August) is 35% lower than UK 2020 summer reservation volume. But volume will climb as we get deeper into the season.

UK Summer Reservation volume

  • June 2021 shows 51% less reservation volume compared to June 2020
  • July 2021 shows 40% less reservation volume compared to July 2020
  • August 2021 shows only 8% less reservation volume compared to August 2020, highlighting the high intent those in the UK have to travel in August

Though reservation volume is lower than in 2020, summer 2021 will bring in more profit per reservation, as on average, reservations costs 50% more per night compared to last summer.

UK Average Nightly Rates

  • June 2021: $244/night, up 59% from June 2020
  • July 2021: $289/night, up 46% from July 2020
  • August 2021: $303/night, up 38% from August 2020

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