How to List on HomeAway

Want to list your property on HomeAway? Considering it’s one of the most popular vacation rental booking platforms in the world, creating a listing on HomeAway is definitely a great place to start with your short-term rental management business. 

Fortunately, the HomeAway listing procedure is quite straightforward. Read on for some basic information and to learn about renting your home on this major channel.

Getting started

As a property manager, your first step will be to sign up for HomeAway via the property managers’ portal. If you are not a property manager, you can log in through the Owner Login. 

To sign up, property managers will be prompted to provide their full name, contact information, company name and the number of properties they manage. 

The next step in creating a listing on HomeAway is to enter in the basics of the property - number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. - and then the address of the property itself to view your potential rental revenue from this listing. 

Pricing and fees

Once you’ve filled in all the basics of the listing property itself, HomeAway will direct you to the payment and subscription section of their site. The default payment setting for all new HomeAway listings is their pay-per-booking option. You have the ability to switch your account settings to a subscription payment model. 

During this setup process, you’ll also have the opportunity to define your rental rates for your listing, which is part of learning how to increase your bookings on HomeAway. Many factors will affect the rental rates, such as: the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amount and type of facilities offered within the listing, the standard of decor and upkeep and, of course, any connection or proximity to interesting tourist attractions and experiences. 

Building Your Listing

HomeAway has established certain guidelines and requirements for your property listing before it can go live. Of course, all of the information listed above is essential along with the following: 

  • Address of the property - something that is not required on Airbnb listings until a reservation has been made
  • Headline (minimum 200 characters) and description (minimum 400 characters)
  • Property type - full home, loft, etc.
  • Number of travelers that the property can comfortably sleep
  • Minimum of 6 photos
  • Rates and fees
  • Location on a map of the area
  • Cancellation policy
  • And of course you can’t forget your email address and phone number for accepting bookings and inquiries

HomeAway Reviews

Reviews are an essential contributor to the strength of your property listing. As a host on HomeAway, you should review your guests and encourage guests to leave positive reviews whenever possible, detailing parts of your property they enjoyed the most. 

Guest reviews will live on your property’s listing for all future guests to see so make sure to do your best to earn 5-star reviews from every traveler! 

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