6 Tools Every Property Management Company Needs to Achieve Organizational Efficiency

Reach your peak level of productivity with the help of these time-saving tech tools

How Organizational Efficiency Will Improve Your Business

In today’s world of property management, there are several key components that go into running an efficient business and providing five-star experiences for your guests. Whether it’s making sure all your team’s cleaning tasks have been completed or sending the right messages to guests at the right time, these various responsibilities quickly pile up and have a major impact on your team’s overall level or productivity if not managed well. 

By relying on tech tools built with efficiency top of mind, you can rest assured that no task will fall through the cracks and that your team’s daily routine will be more organized – all with the goal of growing and scaling your business. That’s why Guesty has worked hard to develop multiple solutions that can eliminate the repetitive, complex daily operational tasks, giving your property management company optimal levels of organization and efficiency, and making it easier than ever to provide the best possible guest experience. 

While Guesty offers a full suite of tools – all of which work to simplify your team’s daily todos- there are 6 features that are crucial to your property management company achieving organizational efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at what those are, and why your business needs them.

6 Tools Built For Organization and Efficiency

Channel Manager 

More channels means more bookings, but it doesn’t have to mean more work.

We know how difficult it can be to manage your various listings across multiple booking channels – the constant updating and maintaining of your listings on each site can make your job as a property manager more time-consuming and stressful. Moreover, the need to update each channel individually can make it that much more difficult to scale. That’s why we built one of our most beloved features, our Channel Manager

Guesty’s Channel Manager is guaranteed to save you time by allowing you to control all of your listings from a single dashboard, without having to shuffle back and forth from various OTA sites to adjust listing information. 

The Channel Manager tool also enables you to see all your previous, current, and upcoming reservations in one place via our Multi-Calendar tool. This way, you can make quick adjustments to your properties’ availability on one sole calendar that then syncs to all your connected booking channels, saving you a significant amount of time.


Unified Inbox

Efficient and automated communication – because there aren’t enough hours in the day to communicate with guests and have a life.

With guest communication being one of the most vital aspects of the overall experience guests have during their stay with you (and also pre-stay), it’s important for you to provide quick, accurate responses and make sure no inquiries fall through the cracks. With that in mind, meet our Unified Inbox – one location to house all of your interactions with guests, across all channels and mediums that you work with. Our Unified Inbox gives you the ability to send or answer any type of message you need: channel messages, emails, SMS or Whatsapp messages – all from one centralized inbox. No more jumping from channel to channel, and no need to ever leave the Guesty platform to handle all your communication needs. 

You can access any relevant listing or reservation information right from within the sidebar of the inbox to reference as needed in any of your interactions, and you can create saved replies to use for your most common guest inquiries. This tool even enables you to filter through messages by sorting them according to the listing they apply to, or which stage of inquiry they’re at.

Automated Messaging & Responses

Let automation software take over your most routine to-do’s, so you can focus on running your business.

In our ongoing effort to simplify every area of property management, we created a set of Automation Tools to automate the most repetitive aspects of your job, and make manual daily tasks a thing of the past. When it comes to a team that’s both efficient and organized, our Auto-Messaging and Auto-Responses are must-have features.

Auto-Messages will come to the rescue for all the routine messages you send throughout the booking cycle, such as confirmations, check-in and check-out instructions and post-stay, requests for a review. You can build a custom template for these messages, tell our platform at what stage of a booking you want the messages sent, and then leave the rest to us. Think of all the time, effort and costs your team will save by knowing that every single guest will be armed with the information they need at the exact moment they need it. 


As for our Auto-Responses, think of this feature as your own custom answering machine. When your business is growing at a pace in which your team can no longer answer each guest inquiry quickly enough, our Auto-Responses will have you covered. Ensure every inquiry is met with a timely response to not only provide a consistently positive experience for your potential guests, but to also make sure those potential guests don’t have time to look elsewhere while they wait for you to get back to their inquiries.

Task Manager

Generate, assign and monitor recurring to-dos so they all get done right, and right on schedule.

One of the easiest areas to become disorganized in when running a property management company is the monitoring and scheduling of all the tasks your team is responsible for doing. Between cleanings, maintenance visits and everything else in between, making sure your staff is where they need to be requires a great deal of organization. Luckily, Guesty’s Task Management feature will enable you to generate, assign and oversee all your team’s management tasks from one centralized location. 

This tool will ensure your team’s recurring to-do’s are done right, and right on schedule. Additionally, our Task Manager will provide you with live updates on the status of assigned tasks and on-the-go notifications to send your team reminders of what’s on their plate each day. You can also set up recurring tasks to be assigned to your team after specific triggers, such as a cleaning after check-outs. 

Our Task Manager will also give you in-depth reporting on all your tasks for detailed views into the task durations, assigned reservations and listings, and your employees’ workloads – making it simple to flag inefficiencies and optimize as you go. 

Mobile Management App

When you’ve got places to go and people to see, you’ll want to be able to bring your favorite management tools along with you.

We know how important it is to have 24/7 access to your business from wherever you are at any given time. That’s why Guesty is one of the only solutions in the industry to provide users with a Mobile Management App, making it easier than ever to maintain around-the-clock oversight of your team, your reservations and your tasks. 

Stay connected to your guests with instant mobile access to your Unified Inbox, have unparalleled oversight of availability, rates, and reservation details via your mobile Multi-Calendar, and manage your operation on-the-go with the essential ability to oversee your team’s tasks and take action as soon as its needed – all from the palm of your hand.

In a world where time is of the essence, having mobile access to the most important areas of your business is imperative in achieving organizational efficiency and providing the best possible experiences for your guests.

Guest Communication Services (GCS)

Why not hand your guest communication over to experts who can offer your guests accurate and timely support around the clock?

As any property manager knows, your level of communication with guests is a critical aspect in the overall experience you create – and ultimately the reviews and return bookings you receive. However, it can be overwhelming and sometimes impossible to quickly respond to the multiple inquiries from your guests on a day-to-day basis. When you add top-notch guest communication onto the list of all of the other obligations that your job requires, things can really start to go awry. That’s why Guesty offers 24/7 Guest Communication Services (GCS).

With Guest Communication Services, our team of dedicated communication experts will take over all your interactions with guests. Not only will this free up hours of time for your team, but with us providing the highest level of customer service, you can rest easy knowing that your guests will remain tended to around-the-clock. 

If your team is able to handle your guest communication during work hours, but is looking for a solution staff clock out, then we also have the ideal solution: GCS Off-Hours. In our newest offering within our Guest Communication Services, our Off-Hours option consists of our team handling your guest communication just during your team’s off-hours. Once you sign off for the day, our team of experts will take over for a seamless handover of communication that your guests won’t even notice. The result? 24 hours of quick, efficient, five-star service.

Take Care of Your Business with Guesty

As you continue to manage and ultimately grow your property management company, it will become increasingly apparent just how organized and productive operations must be in order to scale effectively. The aforementioned tools are crucial in order to address the common pain points you might face, as are our other features such as Pre-Stay tools, Payment Processing and more, all of which automate as many tasks as possible to reduce manual labor that could be spent working on other areas of your business.

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