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How Tiny Away grew their collection of exquisite tiny homes by 400% in just four years using Guesty

February 08, 2022 |

A Tiny Big Story

As with all great stories, Tiny Away was conceived by its three co-founders, Jeff Yeo, Dave Ng, and Adrian Chia, out of their mutual love of the great Australian outback. The three busy Singapore-based entrepreneurs wanted to share their passion with the world and attract career-driven urbanites to take a break and reconnect with nature. 

Determined to create an experience that would wow even the most discerning travelers, the three founders connected with Australian farmers and land-owners to use their mostly underutilized land to erect exquisite, luxury tiny homes on their properties, thus helping these owners generate extra income with a generous profit-sharing model. 

Tiny Away now boasts 100 stunning tiny homes spread across New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, fusing luxury and nature in a way so unique that even throughout the pandemic, they continued to grow and attract city dwellers to relax and recharge in one of their bespoke properties. 

The Challenge

As Tiny Away grew rapidly from five to twenty tiny houses in 2018, performing certain tasks manually became increasingly difficult. As more people became aware of the company’s extraordinary offering, responding to an ever-increasing amount of incoming messages became extremely time-consuming. Furthermore, as Tiny Away launched new properties, publishing them on all the different OTAs turned into a challenging task, and according to founder Jeff Yeo “sometimes we would just lose track.” 

Adhering to their high-quality standards, Tiny Away decided to start using Guesty in late 2018 to help them keep tabs on their operations and scale more easily and efficiently. 

The Solution

In late 2018, Tiny Away started using Guesty to help them achieve their ambitious growth goals. Having heard and read positive reviews on the platform as well as being exposed to Guesty’s ongoing communications, Tiny Away felt secure in their decision and were proven right straight off the bat. 

Being able to seamlessly distribute their listings across different OTAs, especially on Airbnb, where they are most active, had an instant effect on business efficiency. Guesty’s Unified Inbox became “very helpful for us to work effectively as we just need a single platform to communicate with our guests from various booking platforms”, according to Asset Manager Sabrina Yee. 

According to Ms. Yee, the Tiny Away team also uses Guesty’s Advanced Analytics feature to provide them with “an overview of our business revenue and statistics for management decisions.”

The Results

In just four years using Guesty, Tiny Away grew their listings by 400% from 20 to over 100 and their revenue by 6x. By automating almost all of their repetitive tasks, Tiny Away saves 30% in operational time they used to spend on guest communication and 20% of time they previously spent on posting and updating their listings across all the different OTAs. As per founder Jeff Yeo without Guesty, Tiny Away would have needed to hire at least 3-5 full-time employees to manage these tasks. 

As Tiny Away continue to write their incredible story, Guesty will continue to support their vision of creating a little more calm in the world by making busy city professionals enjoy a transformative experience surrounded by nothing but nature. 

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