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Be Our Guest(y): Driving Direct Bookings – Take the Wheel on Your PMC

May 01, 2022 |

Every property management company has the potential to become a formidable hospitality brand – you just need to know how to market it the right way. This virtual meetup gave users a closer look at branding and marketing strategies to elevate their PMC, increase direct bookings, and turn one-time guests into enthusiastic brand ambassadors. From utilizing data to optimizing a marketing strategy to tips for SEO excellence, this meetup also provided users with the tools needed to transform their business into a brand and set their direct booking machine into motion.

Paul Zukauskas, VP of Global Customer Success at Guesty, began the meetup discussing last-minute summer booking patterns and his predictions for the summer season ahead. Following this, we heard from a panel of experts: Paul Hanak, Director of Digital Marketing at InterCoastal Net Designs; Terena Tamai, Head of Marketing & Revenue at Vacation Home Collection (VHC); and Oliver Marczynski, Head of Business Development at StayFi. During the discussion, our panelists discussed how to optimize the online booking process and stand out from competitors, how to grow a brand using in-property branding and guest data collection, and how to generate return guests.

Oliver Marczynski also offered users 50% off their first three months on by using code GUESTY, and also offered them 15% off their first hardware purchase after using the code FIRSTORDER.  

In case you missed it, check out the full recording below!

Thank you everyone for joining and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

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